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Emily Mclean

Emily Mclean

Upgrading to a cloud-based phone system can cut your bill in half

Hands up if you’re a business using desk-based phones? It’s well worth taking a hard look at what’s keeping you attached to this type of system. Cost-wise it’s far cheaper to be using a cloud-based phone system plus it’s easier to scale and makes for a more productive remote workforce. Take a look at how a mobile-first business phone system like Spoke Phone can halve your phone bill while increasing compliance and accountability.

The hidden costs of legacy-based systems when looking to grow your business

Have you had a look recently at how much you’re paying for the hardware, maintenance, and servicing fees of your desk-based phone system? It’s probably pretty pricy.

You may have also noticed how hard it is to scale your business with this type of phone system. Many business owners don’t actually realise this until they’re ready to grow. 

When your business expands, so will your needs for a bigger and better phone system meaning you’ll be paying for new phone lines, new hardware, and expanding your service agreement. 

It’s costs like these that are seeing businesses large and small turning to cloud-based solutions like Spoke Phone. With Spoke Phone there’s are no desk phones, no wires, and no hardware. It is a cloud-based app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone, meaning the hardware costs are nil if your staff BYOD.

Plus, scaling up on this system is what it was designed for. 

Why your old phone system costs more than you think

Not only are cloud-based phone systems a more cost-effective option, they’re also empowering.

With your current phone system, you’re likely paying for stand-alone services from entirely different providers. While this can push up costs it’s also a hassle when dealing with a host of different service contacts.

A cloud-based phone system means you can bundle all of your services into one platform to help you save time and money. For Spoke Phone, this means features such as call forwarding, call recording, conference calling, a cloud-based phone directory, guided conversations, and voice transcriptions. It’s these types of add-ons that empower collaboration within teams, increase customer service and boost compliance.

Trailer Pay, a trailer reseller business in Queensland, Australia use our call recording features to reduce risk and increase compliance with the hundreds of high-value sales calls they need to make on mobiles each day.

With features like this on mobile, staff are able to work remotely, spending more time face-to-face with customers while making BAU sales calls from wherever they may find themselves.

The downside of legacy phone systems is a lot of businesses don’t realize how difficult it is to scale until they’re ready to grow. When your business expands so will your needs for a bigger and better phone system meaning you’ll be paying for new phone lines, new hardware, and expanding your service agreement.

The benefits of moving to the cloud without the risk

While you may not be ready to overhaul your entire phone system yet there are options. One is to have a cloud-based solution as a back-up for business continuity, like Perth-based Byford Professionals do. Spoke Phone scales up and down based on your business needs, so if we were to have future lockdowns as a result of Covid-19, you could easily switch between your existing phone system or the Spoke Phone cloud-based one. 

The second option is to have a cloud-based system that overlays your existing infrastructure. The Spoke Phone PBX Overlay sits over the top of your existing infrastructure without the need to change numbers, suppliers, or processes.

Start with a single team, location, or business unit, then onboard more people and infrastructure when you are ready. You stay in control and mitigate the change-risk typically associated with upgrading or migrating core technologies. And when current infrastructure hits its limits, scale effortlessly on the cloud without spending any more money on legacy technology.

The true cost of holding back your business

When you compare costs side by side, old phone systems are more expensive than cloud-based solutions.

There are the hardware costs, the various singular features you’re paying for not to mention the costs associated with not empowering your mobile workforce -ie. productivity losses from staff unable to perform typically office-based functions while on the move.

So it’s time to ask yourself… is your legacy phone system holding your business back?

Businesses who have moved to a cloud-based system have seen their phone bills decrease by 50 percent or more! And did we mention that the average cost for hardware and maintenance for five to 10 phone lines ranges from USD $3,500 to $4,000?

With a modern, cloud-based phone system like Spoke Phone, you can enjoy a streamlined service and lower costs. But, you’ll also have the ability to scale when your business is ready to grow.

Reach out today for a free trial of Spoke Phone for your business, or to simply find out more.

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