Back-office connectivity for Twilio Flex

Replace your traditional PBX with a modern alternative on Twilio, fully integrated into Twilio Flex.

Spoke and Twilio Flex

Spoke is a radically easy way to seamlessly connect calls, conversations, and context between agents in Twilio Flex and the rest of the business

A seamless customer experience

Ensure the work you’ve done building a great customer experience in Twilio Flex, continues when customers deal with the rest of the business.

customer service
live presence

Gracefully migrate off your PBX

Spoke’s mobile and desktop apps for calling, SMS, and Chat with core features such as presence and voicemail, give you all the tools you need to unwind your reliance on traditional PBX as you implement Twilio Flex.

Unlock rich contact center conversations for everyone

Take the rich customer info and context you provide Agents in Flex, and make it available on any device so non-contact center employees have great customer conversations too.

customer 360

Complete your digital journey on Twilio

Don’t stop at the contact center. Move your back-office conversations to Twilio and remove legacy PBX, expensive resources, and complex infrastructure from your life.

Spoke replaces your legacy PBX or cloud phone system with a future-proofed alternative on Twilio that you control

Cloud Phone System Customer Testimonial
“With Spoke, we are able to push the rich customer and conversation info we built in Flex out to our non-Flex users too. This means that every customer conversation is the best it can be, no matter who they call.”
“We don’t need a traditional PBX, but being able to connect our Flex Agents and customers to the rest of the business was key in our decision to implement Twilio Flex."
“As a Twilio Flex Partner, we often run into customers that want us to solve their back-office conversations too. With Spoke, we’re able to replace traditional PBX with a better solution on Twilio, fully integrated into Twilio Flex.”

See how Spoke works for your back-office team

See Spoke’s apps for mobile and desktop calling, SMS, Chat, and the core business communication features they provide your back-office team.

Watch how agents use Spoke inside Twilio Flex

Calls, transfers, employee directory with presence and availability, hunt groups, and more.

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