Spoke Phone launches desktop app
Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell

The Spoke Desktop App is here!

We are excited to announce the launch of Spoke's new desktop app! The desktop app looks, feels and works exactly the same as our user-friendly and feature-rich mobile app. All the same features, integrations, and power we gave you in mobile now conveniently on your desktop.

Anywhere, any device

As cool and as powerful as Spoke for mobile is, it turns out that even the most mobile of businesses have users where using a desktop phone or computer soft phone is just easier and more efficient. To be fair even our most avid mobile users sometimes have a day at their desk and need to make a lot of calls where a headset and your desktop is just easier!

With today’s release, Spoke customers can now have the best of all worlds.

"We started with the Spoke Phone mobile app for our outside sales team, we loved it, and with the new desktop app we can bring the whole team onto Spoke. It's everything we need to stay connected with our team and our customers, anywhere on any device."

The best of both world's

To enable your desktop app and experience business-grade call quality and performance download the app now and let us know what you think.

Please make sure your device and headset meet the minimum requirements to power our desktop app.

If you need any help downloading and installing the app, follow these steps, and ensure your headset is configured correctly on your device.

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