Jason Kerr

Jason Kerr

The art of the pivot: How Spoke Phone went from $99 a month customers to $20,000 a month customers

Spoke Phone went from selling $99 small business phone systems, to become the "go-to" CPaaS acceleration platform for large enterprises moving from the closet-to-the-cloud.

The way we were

Saving the world at $99 a month.

We started Spoke Phone in late 2016 with a simple goal — “Turn mobile phones into a business phone system in 3-minutes or less.”

We wanted to put Cisco grade “big company” phone system features inside a mobile phone, and make it simple for the average human to use.

As we approached 1,000 small business customers, we started to see large enterprises disillusioned with the rigidity of their “out-of-the-box” SaaS phone system offerings.

Then Covid-19 hit, and three things happened:

  1. Small businesses suffered (and we lost business)
  2. large enterprises discovered, first-hand, the limitations of being locked into systems they could not change (to meet the new way of working); and,
  3. CPaaS platforms (such as Twilio and Vonage) saw massive adoption of critical voice communications in the new work-from-home world.

Today: Spoke is the low-code platform for leading CPaaS providers

Spoke provides programmable softphone apps, phone system features, and integrations that radically speed up time to value for CPaaS customers.

Companies turn to CPaaS platforms like Twilio when they realize that out-of-the-box communications solutions don’t work for their unique customer journeys.

Spoke Phone saves these companies ~90% of the time and effort required to build and maintain rich communication apps, features, and integrations on today’s leading CPaaS platforms.

At time of writing, our largest customer moved 7,000 Users off their legacy on-premise (in a closet) Cisco PBX phone system, over to Spoke Phone (running in the cloud) on Twilio’s CPaaS platform.

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