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Sasha Viasasha

Sasha Viasasha

Supercharge your sales team with mobile-first tools

Now employees can collaborate on the go in a way that’s fast, conversational, and secure - delivering the connected digital experience customers expect.

Today the smartphone in your pocket is quickly catching up to the desktop in regards to computing power and the business applications and networks to wield it. With the need for remote capability and a future of work consisting of distributed teams and a mobile selling environment, mobile phones can improve sales productivity with the right business applications and integrations.

With the device in their pocket, people can connect instantly to a network anywhere in the world, and with 5G coming online in many places, networks are growing even faster and smarter. As exponential growth of the cloud overtakes and transforms legacy platforms, rich desktop experiences can be accessed from any device at any time, providing ease of use and a better employee and customer experience.

For sales teams making and taking calls in the field, mobility can improve their sales productivity while optimizing and documenting the sales process. Cloud-based tools can effortlessly capture data, keep a business record, and provide critical analytics into emerging trends and customer behavior for sales leaders to quickly turn today’s insights into tomorrow’s strategy.

In a climate of disruptions and dynamic conditions, mobile phones are potentially a vital lifeline between the company and the customer, and digital tools can help create a more responsive and personalized customer experience, making sure a connection is never missed or an opportunity lost.

The last mile in human communication

Digitizing customer-facing voice channels and integrating them with other business systems such as a CRM or ERP is sometimes the final piece in the transformation puzzle, especially in the case of mobile workers using their phones to stay connected in a remote world.

Not only are mobile workers sometimes not well supported with the data and tools they need to deliver a world-class experience, but a lack of oversight can mean managers lose insight into what is happening in the field and the sales process.

For sales teams on the move, mobile phones can be a vital link between the company and the customer, driving a more responsive and personalized customer experience and making sure vital opportunities are never missed.

Integrating mobile phones with your CRM

When sales reps talk to customers on their mobile phones, sales leaders can remain in the dark about their activities and the outcomes. In the case of Spoke customer Green Plains, both the employees and their customers preferred to remain in contact on their personal phones, and while they implemented a CRM to track activity and keep a customer history, about half of their transactions were occurring on mobile phones and not updating to the CRM.

In addition to resulting in a poor experience and loss of data, businesses with high-value conversations and big deal sizes can’t afford to lose oversight. With Spoke, Green Plains mobile phone users were able to effortlessly document transactions and link them to the CRM record.

“With the call recording feature of Spoke, we capture transaction conversations directly to Microsoft Dynamics so we don't have any confusion over what was agreed with the customer.”

Green Plains, Spoke Customer

The agile advantage of a mobile selling environment

With the right applications and tools, mobile phones are a powerful business tool that can keep people connected and work flowing no matter where it happens. Salesforce has found that sales teams are 31% more effective when on mobile, and for many companies, a mobile selling environment has long been a baseline for operations with customers, employees, and teams connecting on their phones in the field. Mobility offers many benefits to sales teams, including:

  • Business continuity on the ground in face of a disruption
  • The ability to hire talent around the world
  • The capability to work anywhere and anytime
  • Improved productivity and employee experience
  • Increased sales and customer success

The mobile advantage in a remote world

Mobility brings advantages to the business, the employee, and the customer but having the right infrastructure is key. Mobile phone users have sometimes lagged behind their deskbound peers in capabilities and access to information and business tools, but applications such as Spoke are leveling the playing field.

For mobility to confer a significant advantage, businesses must secure and integrate mobile phones into their communication platform and business systems. Sales reps gain full access to a customer’s history and information as they talk, and Spokes custom forms allow businesses to capture key information at any point in the customer journey.

The massive and sudden migration to remote work has made mobility even more important for business continuity as conditions change.

In new research conducted by TRA in conjunction with Spoke, 61% of executives said: “with people working remotely it was harder to keep track of employee activities and data.”

Mobility as a challenge or an opportunity?

Too often mobility has presented a serious challenge for business rather than an opportunity, because once people start picking up on their mobile devices, both the user and the business are potentially exposed to security risks, and oversight and control over the sales process are lost.

And yet, employee satisfaction gets a huge boost from remote work, with the overwhelming majority of employees appreciating the added flexibility and freedom to work on their own terms. Mobility is the backbone of a more flexible and capable salesforce. Cloud-based tools can deliver desktop experiences before, during, and after the call, ensuring that the customer experience never gets lost in a silo.

  • Before the call: Allows reps to view customer details before they answer the call.
  • During the call: Guided scripts and prompts drive compliance to mitigate risks and standardize the experience.
  • After the call: The rep can easily create follow-ups, dictate call notes and update the CRM or other business applications without having to juggle multiple applications, perform tedious administration or data entry tasks, or toggle between systems.

With a cloud-based application like Spoke integrated into your communication platform, all the features of a corporate phone system become immediately accessible on personal devices while protecting the privacy of the employee and the security of the business. Ease of use makes it effortless for customers, teams and managers to stay connected and engaged.

Call forwarding and conferencing becomes a seamless experience, allowing sales reps to focus on the conversations and relationships that drive sales and customer success instead of managing technology.

Now employees across sales and service can collaborate on the go in a way that’s fast, conversational, and secure – delivering the connected digital experience customers expect.

Securing the mobile gap

Instant connections, access to information, and better experiences on mobile phones allow work to happen as easily as any other activity on a mobile device. When work is as easy as signing into an application, productivity gets a huge boost and everyone is happier. Empowered sales reps and customer facing-staff deliver better experiences all along the customer journey.

Convenience and ease do not have to mean sacrificing security and oversight. With applications such as Spoke mobility can be a powerful channel for staying connected and close to customers and employees no matter where they are.

Built for business, made for people

Unlock business intelligence from mobile phone calls
Every conversation is an opportunity to learn from and engage with a current or future customer, but to maximize the value of these conversations, businesses must find ways to capture and collect key data before, during, and after the call while not disrupting the experience and protecting the business, employee, and customer.

Secure high risk, high-value conversations
The exchange of sensitive and personal information requires secure solutions and advanced tools for ensuring compliance and protecting business and client interests. Cloud back-ups capture everything effortlessly for a complete business record.

Drive compliance and adoption with mobile-first design
Ease-of-use drives adoption and compliance. Tools that are simple and intuitive are most effective on mobile phones and can secure your organization’s mobile phone activity on any device, from personal to corporate devices.

Technology for a human-centered engagement model

Sales are built on relationships and although the engagement model is changing, relationships and people remain at its center. Technology is most effective when it works invisibly to facilitate the conversations and connections that drive better outcomes. Download our free ebook and learn why the human-to-human equation is at the heart of the Spoke solution and our brand values.

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