Enterprise Phone System for Twilio
Jason Kerr

Jason Kerr

Spoke Release Enterprise Phone System Capability for Twilio

Spoke Phone releases a suite of features for large enterprises moving phone systems to the cloud on Twilio. With support for 2,000+ employees, thousands of desk phones, numbers, and extensions, the new release is topped off with a robust analytics and reporting platform.

A scalable and secure cloud phone system on Twilio is now a reality

At Spoke Phone, we’ve been working hard to improve our support for large companies wanting to move their corporate phone systems to the cloud on Twilio.

While we’ve still got a lot more we want to do, Spoke can now support companies with more than 2,000 employees, thousands of desk phones, numbers, and extensions.

As the only enterprise-grade UCaaS phone system built specifically for Twilio customers, Spoke’s new enterprise feature suite is already getting its first real test, migrating a 152 site retailer who is moving 7,000 users off Cisco to Spoke Phone on Twilio.

New business phone system features focus on IT security and management for large enterprises operating at scale

Spoke has invested significant resources in ensuring that the IT teams of our customers have the tools they need to deploy, setup, maintain, and monitor the Spoke Phone platform with ease.  While there is still work to do in this area, we’re happy to see customers adopting these new features, including:

  • Directory Sync (SCIM) for the automated provisioning and deprovisioning of users via Google, AzureAD, Workday, BambooHR, Okta, and more
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) for the seamless and secure login to Spoke using existing corporate credentials via Microsoft, Google, SAML, and more
Directory Sync for Phone Systems

Cloud phone system analytics and reporting for enterprise customers running on Twilio

Good analytics and reporting capabilities are key for enterprise customers in order to monitor their key business metrics and to identify areas of opportunity to improve customer experiences.

Spoke’s new analytics and reporting platform is powered by Gooddata, a robust BI and visualization platform.  Spoke customers have the ultimate flexibility to mine their data to get reports in the way they want.

Enterprises moving phone systems to Twilio can now keep 100% of their desk phones fully functional and operational

One of the big risk factors moving on-premise phone systems to the cloud is the impact of change on employees. Add to this the significant investment some companies have made in hard phones, there is an understandable reluctance to make the move to the cloud.

Spoke Legacy let’s customers reuse existing desk phones, routes, and extensions to minimize employee disruption as they move to the cloud on Twilio.

Desk Phones for Twilio

Enterprise grade security to meet the market needs of large enterprise customers moving phone systems to the cloud on Twilio

Security is never “done”, and Spoke’s continual improvement and monitoring approach to security is backed by SOC II, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance.

Today, Spoke Phone can be deployed into a customer’s Twilio Account, giving the customer ultimate control and security over their deployment. Spoke leverages Twilio Edge/Regions for low-latency calls and GDPR requirements, and coming in 2023 is Spoke Regional – the ability to deploy Spoke to an Amazon instance in your region.

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