Mangawhai Beach
Jason Kerr

Jason Kerr

Spoke Phone’s Q4/21 Summer Product Release: Mangawhai!

Watch and learn about our final product update and new features for 2021. In this short video you'll find something for everyone, new releases for Twilio customers, and even more tools for the CPaaS developer community.

For everyone

Better patient experiences for Healthcare providers

Spoke has achieved HIPAA compliance, allowing healthcare providers to create rich patient experiences like never before.

Privacy and security updates further protect employees

Administrators are now able to mask employees’ personal mobile numbers from other employees and API calls, forcing all internal calling to remain on network.

Improved business processes and customer outcomes

Custom forms are now available in the desktop app, allowing Mac and Windows users to capture key data while on calls.

For Twilio Customers

Get a PBX running on your Twilio account in 3-Minutes flat

Save 90% of the effort and time required to build and maintain rich phone system apps, features, and integrations on Twilio.

Improved customer experiences for your Twilio Flex Contact Center

In a single click, deploy Spoke’s Directory and Transfer plugin for Twilio Flex, seamlessly connecting customer conversations from Flex to back-office users on Spoke Phone.

Close more Twilio business faster

Help Twilio customers see the ‘art-of-the-possible with our step-by-step guide for building ideal Twilio demo environment and demo use-cases so you can demo like a pro.

Deliver rich customer experiences to mobile and remote workers

Spoke’s new serverless functions for Twilio Studio let you build sophisticated IVRs and conversation flows in Twilio, that fully integrate to Spoke apps, users, availability, and call flows.

For Developers

Build contact center like call-queuing for customers not quite ready for Twilio Flex, Amazon Connect, or other platforms

With Spoke’s new Availability Webhooks you can add call-queuing to Spoke Phone using tool like Twilio Studio and Task Router.

Keep legacy phone systems connected while you migrate from the closet to the cloud

Spoke’s new Directory API includes search and routing for legacy devices, users, and call groups, allowing you to send calls from your new CPaaS platform to legacy end-points while you continue your digital transformation.

Automate workflows to improve business and customer outcomes

New Webhook events such as Call.Created, Call.Answered, and more, allow you more progamatic control. For instance, use Call.Rejected to reject a task in Twilio Task Router so the task is offered to someone else.

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