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Craig Gerken

Craig Gerken

Spoke Phone + Synergy Enterprise Solutions Announce Partnership

The new partnership enables Australia's leading companies to take personalized customer experiences out of the contact center and into the hands of every employee.

Personalizing customer experiences beyond the contact center with the power of Twilio

At Spoke we recognize the power of partnerships. These partnerships are core in our ability to deliver technology solutions that enable organizations the world over to have extraordinary conversations with their customers.

In keeping with this approach, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Synergy Enterprise Solutions, a Twilio partner whose focus has always been to help organizations to achieve a consistent and personalized customer experience across all communication channels.

“Spoke Phone is a great fit to our evolving solution portfolio,” says Simon Shanks, General Manager at Synergy Enterprise Solutions. “It ensures the work you’ve done building a great customer experience within your contact center continues when customers interact with the rest of your business. Spoke also offers further, rapid benefits to our Twilio Flex contact center clients due to its pre-built integration and shared use of Twilio APIs.”

Synergy’s first Spoke customers are already commenting on the benefits they’ve experienced since deploying Spoke, particularly when they’re required to have staff working from home due to COVID-19 precautions.

Spoke ensures the work you’ve done building a great customer experience within your contact center continues when customers interact with the rest of your business.

Simon Shanks, GM @ Synergy Enterprise Solutions Tweet

“We are delighted to have Synergy Enterprise Solutions as a Spoke partner. Synergy has an impressive reputation for helping organizations improve CX with bespoke contact center and CRM solutions. We’re excited to see Synergy embrace the programmability of Spoke to deliver the next generation of CX innovation for their clients,” says Craig Gerken, Spoke Phone SVP Enterprise Sales and Partner Channel.

About Spoke Phone

Spoke Phone increases business outcomes 10x by democratizing contact center conversations across the entire enterprise. Today, only a small portion of employees are equipped to have highly-contextual personalized customer conversations (those in your contact center or CRM). Spoke empowers the rest of the organization (typically 12.5x more employees), to have the same high-quality contact center like conversations and outcomes too. To achieve this, Spoke replaces existing PBX and cloud phone systems with a programmable alternative built on Twilio, that puts customers in total control of every conversation so they can maximize every outcome.

About Synergy Enterprise Solutions

Synergy Enterprise Solutions has been at the forefront of designing and managing customer experience applications and architecture since 1999. Their team of consultants, engineers, developers and salespeople are highly experienced in all aspects of contact center and customer relationship management technology. Synergy provides fit-for-purpose, best-practice technology solutions from simple implementations to large-scale complex deployments, consultancy and custom developments to help solve your business challenges.

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