Sasha Viasasha

Sasha Viasasha

Spoke Phone Introduces Business Chat

The ease of asynchronous communications

You’re running late, but can’t make a phone call from the noisy train platform. You shoot a message to a work colleague, and relax. A colleague has an important meeting, so you send over an encouraging word or a reminder of a similar success. You’re in a meeting and need to let someone know that a package at the front desk needs to be signed for. In a few seconds you hit send and the matter is handled.

Text is a very efficient way to communicate simple information and direct messages, and to coordinate and organize everyday matters, especially for busy business. 

To meet this need, Spoke Phone is rolling out Business Chat, a free internal chat service for your entire team to chat 1:1. 

Now Spoke Phone users can chat with each other all around the world and without the need to have an SMS-enabled phone number enabled on their profile. 

It’s simple, easy, secure and free for Spoke Phone users! 

SMS, past and future

The very first text message, “Merry Christmas” was sent on December 3, 1992, by engineer Neil Papworth. The message, sent from Papworth’s computer to Vodofone Director Richard Jarvis’s mobile phone. Jarvis was enjoying his office holiday gathering when he received the message, which illustrated the versatility of the asynchronous communication channel, which allows people to connect easily when and where they want.

Today, billions of people around the world use messages to send holiday messages in all different cultures and languages, and to communicate information of all kinds.

Increasingly, businesses find that 1:1 business chat is becoming essential to team communication and collaboration, especially when teams are distributed across different time zones or working in the field. 

Text is an effective way to send a simple but important message when you can’t speak on the phone and can’t wait for a colleague to check their email. 

For teams who have to coordinate or work across time-zones, or collaborate in the field, asynchronous channels like business chat can boost engagement and productivity.

Are you ready to start using Business Chat on Spoke Phone?

Setting up your Spoke Phone app to send and receive chat messages from your teammates

Business chat is live and ready to start using now!

To get started:

  1. Open your Spoke Phone app and go to the Internal directory
  2. Slide left to activate the menu and tap the message icon OR tap on the teammate name to open their profile, then tap the message icon
  3. Type a message, press the send arrow!

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