Spoke Phone Introduces Business Text
Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell

Spoke Phone Introduces Business Text

SMS or texting is apart of our everyday lives, and it’s now becoming increasingly popular in the business world! 

Texting gives users the choice of replying straight away or taking their time to think about how to response. It is an efficient way to directly contact and communicate basic details for busy business people, such as confirming a meeting time.

Spoke Phone’s Business text allows users to send and receive business SMS messages using their Spoke Phone phone number, keeping personal and business SMS messages separated. It is designed for person-to-person communication over the cellular carrier network.

Business text is currently available to Spoke Phone customers in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Users can receive SMS messages from over 150 countries.

Setup & Send Business SMS

1. Set up

To use Business SMS, a Spoke Phone user must have an SMS-enabled phone number assigned to their user profile. This process also gives the user a DID (direct-in-dial) phone number for voice calls.

2. Send/Receive SMS messages

Open your Spoke Phone app and tap the Messages icon on the bottom menu bar
If you do not have SMS enabled on your profile yet, you will see a message and you will need to contact your company administrator, requesting that SMS be added to your profile
Tap on the new message icon at the top right
Either enter a mobile phone number you want to message or select a contact from your directory
Type a message, press the send arrow!

Talk to our support team now to learn more about business text on mobile phones

We are here to help

Schedule a time with one of our experts to walk you through the set up process or help enabling any of the features.

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