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Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell

Spoke Phone launch world’s first UCaaS 2.0 app and free developer accounts

UCaaS 2.0 is the future standard of business communication. It allows companies to build and deploy custom communications solutions in record time, breaking free from traditional UCaaS providers.

The future standard of programmable business communication

Spoke Phone today announced the launch of the world’s first UCaaS 2.0 application: A fully programmable softphone complete with pre-built phone system features, developer tools, and integrations. Companies building on CPaaS platforms such as Twilio and Nexmo (Vonage), can now get to market faster and focus developer time on building value.

UCaaS 2.0 disintermediates traditional UCaaS (“Unified Communications as a Service”) providers, by separating user applications, core communication functions, and customer experiences (typically bundled by the provider), and putting them into the hands of companies building on platforms like Twilio.

Companies adopting UCaaS 2.0 can now take the good “parts” that UCaaS platforms offer, and quickly build the exact communications solution they need. They are no longer restrained by the “black-box” UCaaS provider, a traditional PBX, or even a Telco service provider.

UCaaS 2.0 has been made possible by the rapid growth of CPaaS (“Communications Platforms as a Service”) platforms such as Twilio, Nexmo (Vonage), and others. These platforms allow customers to build tailored communications experiences and customer engagements that suit their exact needs.

UCaaS 2.0 framework

Spoke phone and Twilio

Spoke’s first UCaaS 2.0 application is a programmable softphone for Twilio

Spoke’s UCaaS 2.0 programmable softphone allows customers to rapidly deploy consumer-grade solutions on Twilio, without having to build an app or any complex phone system features. And because Spoke deploys into the customer’s Twilio account, customers can now keep the entire call on Twilio for complete privacy, security, and control.

Spoke Phone CEO, Jason Kerr, explains UCaaS 2.0. “The difference between a normal UC app and a UCaaS 2.0 app, is that UCaaS 2.0 applications provide both the user interface as well as the rich experiences and call control businesses need. Because of this, companies no longer need a traditional PBX, switch, or cloud phone service.”

Spoke’s programmable softphone for Twilio comes complete with extensions, DIDs, call routing, call transfer, conference calling, call recording, SMS/Chat, transcribed voicemail-to-email, and more. It also provides call groups/hunting, user directories and availability, as well as native CRM integrations right out-of-the-box.

Spoke is built with developers in mind. Twilio developers can connect Twilio to Spoke using native Twilio products and code, such as Twilio Studio, Twilio Flex, Twilio Voice, and Twilio Conversations. Spoke even provides open-source quick-starts that Twilio Developers can download to create custom Twilio Serverless Functions that provide native connectivity to Spoke from inside Twilio.

Spoke CTO, Kieron Lawson, says “UCaaS 2.0 is about putting programmable communications into the hands of everyone. We’ve done 80% of the heavy lifting for you, so companies and developers using CPaaS can focus on the 20% that makes their company unique.”

Spoke’s low-code platform approach opens up programmable communications to a wider variety of companies, developers, and use cases. The ultimate goal is to take the rigidity and complexity out of traditional UCaaS offerings, and bring the potential of tailored communications to the masses.

Kerr continues, “UCaaS 2.0 is all about enabling customer experiences that are specific to your business. Most businesses have unique customers and unique processes that define them and their offerings. Our job is to provide them with the tools to go faster, and get out of the way.”

Typical App development cycle for projects on CPaaS, before UCaaS 2.0

Product Development Timeline

About Spoke Phone

Spoke Phone increases business outcomes 10x by democratizing contact center conversations across the entire enterprise. Today, only a small portion of employees are equipped to have highly-contextual personalized customer conversations (those in your contact center or CRM). Spoke empowers the rest of the organization (typically 12.5x more employees), to have the same high-quality contact center like conversations and outcomes too. To achieve this, Spoke replaces existing PBX and cloud phone systems with a programmable alternative built on Twilio, that puts customers in total control of every conversation so they can maximize every outcome.

About Twilio

Millions of developers around the world have used Twilio to unlock the magic of communications to improve any human experience. Twilio has democratized communications channels like voice, text, chat, video, and email by virtualizing the world’s communications infrastructure through APIs that are simple enough for any developer to use, yet robust enough to power the world’s most demanding applications. By making communications a part of every software developer’s toolkit, Twilio is enabling innovators across every industry — from emerging leaders to the world’s largest organizations — to reinvent how companies engage with their customers.

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