Spoke Phone Product Release Glenorchy
Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell

New Features: Mobile forms, Microsoft Power Automate, BYO call plans, Twilio Flex, and more.

At Spoke Phone, we’re always looking for ways to help you spend more time talking to your customers and less time on manual tasks like data entry so you can focus on growing your business

Spoke Phone’s Glenorchy release brings exciting new features that mean you can now connect even more of your business systems and customise your communications solution to your individual business needs.

Highlights of the Spoke Phone Glenorchy product release

  • Build mobile forms to capture sales information, orders, call-disposition, or guide employees as they talk on calls
  • Use Webhooks to react to and integrate events occurring during and after calls on Spoke Phone
  • Use Microsoft Power Automate with Spoke Phone for the ultimate in custom integration
  • New Face-to-Face functionality allows the recording of important conversations occurring in person
  • BYO Calling allows larger customers to use 3rd-party calling plans (SIP Trunks) with their Spoke Phone account
  • BYO Twilio gives customers the ability to deploy Spoke Phone into their own Twilio Account
  • Twilio Flex Integration brings Enterprise Contact Center to Spoke Phone, providing seamless PBX and Contact Center experiences
  • For customers with existing phone systems, SIP Connectivity allows you to add Spoke Phone overtop to supercharge mobility and cloud telephony
  • New Subscription Management in the account portal gives administrators more visibility into call costs, upcoming charges, and more

Glenorchy, New Zealand. POP: 363
Glenorchy, New Zealand

Build mobile forms to capture sales information, customer orders, call wrap up, or guide employees as they talk on calls.

You can now create customised mobile forms in your Spoke Phone app which will present your team with a range of questions during or after a phone call. The information captured from these forms can automatically update your other business systems to give you important data insights or help you action business processes seamlessly.

Mobile forms can be used to:

  • Standardize the collection of call wrap up notes, codes and associated data by adding your existing (or new) call disposition process on your team’s mobile phones.
  • Collect Market insight data by prompting your team to ask questions and select/enter answers whilst talking with a customer.
  • Improve your customer relationships and maximize opportunity by collecting key account information during or after mobile phone calls.  You may want to:
    • Capture details for a sales order
    • Prompt your sales team to capture qualifying questions
    • Capture critical business insights and account data
    • and more

Read more about mobile forms

Use Webhooks to react to and integrate events occurring during and after calls on Spoke Phone

As part of our ongoing improvements to the Developer API, we’ve now releasedi Webhooks.

Webhooks are automated messages sent from apps when something happens. They have a message—or payload—and are sent to a unique URL. Webhooks are almost always faster than polling (an API) and require less work on your end. As an example, one of Spoke Phone’s Webhook fires when a call recording is ready, another one fires if a user tags a conversation for follow up.

Inside a Webhook event is data associated with the event -otherwise known as the payload.  This may be the call details, the user details, etc.

With Spoke Phone Webhooks, you can use tools like Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate to integrate real-time events and data occurring in Spoke Phone with other systems such as CRM, ERP, Support platforms, etc.

Read more about Webhooks here.


Use Microsoft Power Automate with Spoke Phone for the ultimate in custom integration

Spoke Phone provides ‘out-of-the-box’ base-level integrations to popular CRM’s such as Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and more. These integrations provide the common use-cases that customers want, however they cannot be customized to suit individual customer needs.

Using Microsoft Power Automate, coupled with Spoke Phone’s Webhooks and APIs gives you powerful additional integration features so you can customize everything about how Spoke Phone integrates to your back-office tools:

  • You have total control over the integration. 
  • Customize exactly how you want the CRM to be updated with contact and phone records. 
  • Have complete ownership of the contact data that is populated and updated in Spoke Phone.
  • Get near real-time integrations in both directions. 
  • Use Power Automate to harness Spoke’s super fast Webhook event data to rapidly respond to important customer phone calls. 
  • Extend the integrations to support Dynamics 365 custom data fields, processes, or actions.
  • Concentrate on defining and building valuable business workflows, let Microsoft take care of the low-level software infrastructure and hardware needs.
  • A powerful logic tool, quick to update, quick to test, easy to maintain.
  • Build new business processes, to trigger data updates or workflows in other systems and create immediately actionable data from your mobile phone workforce.

Read more about Spoke Phone’s Power Automate implementation and quick-start templates.

Microsoft Power Automate Flows

Face-to-Face meetings record important conversations occurring across the table

For customers with compliance requirements or who have high-value conversations they need to document, call recording is a great option, but what about face-to-face meetings when there is no phone call to record?

Spoke’s new face-to-face recording feature records sensitive conversations you have when sitting across a table.

Simply place your mobile phone on the table and activate face-to-face recording. The call is recorded and documented like any other phone call.

Face-to-face meetings

BYO Calling allows larger customers that make lots of calls to use 3rd-party calling plans (SIP Trunks) with their Spoke Phone account

Bring-your-own call plans (BYO Calling) allow customers to use a 3rd-party call and/or number provider with their Spoke Phone account.

Customers may want to do this because:

  • they have existing call plan contracts/commitments they want to leverage
  • Spoke Phone’s metered calling rates are not as cost-effective as their local provider
  • they do not want to port numbers to Spoke Phone

When implemented:

  • a 3rd-party SIP Trunk is connected to the customer’s Spoke Phone account
  • the customer’s calls flow over the 3rd-party provider (SIP Trunk)
  • the customer no longer receives call charges from Spoke Phone
  • the 3rd-party provider invoices the customer (for calls/numbers) directly

Talk to your Spoke Phone Account Executive about activating BYO Calling on your Spoke Phone account.

BYO Twilio allows customers to deploy Spoke Phone into their own Twilio Account, ensuring full control and easier integration into other Twilio services

We built Spoke Phone on Twilio so that our customers can leverage both the Spoke and Twilio platforms to innovate and drive the exact communications and engagement experiences that their unique business demands. 

By default, every Spoke Phone customer is provisioned on a Twilio sub-account that is controlled and managed by Spoke Phone.

For customers that already have a Twilio account or those who want to own and have more control over their infrastructure, Spoke Phone can now be deployed into a customer’s Twilio account or Flex project.

Talk to your Spoke Phone Account Executive about activating BYO Twilio.

Setup Twilio Account

Twilio Flex integration brings Enterprise Contact Center to Spoke Phone, providing seamless PBX and Contact Center experiences

Twilio Flex is a programmable cloud contact center platform that gives companies complete control over how and what their contact center does. Today Twilio’s platform powers over half a million agents and it’s helping businesses deploy tailored cloud contact centers while freeing them from the limitations of rigid “out-of-the-box” SaaS applications. 

Spoke Phone integrates into Twilio Flex, allowing Spoke Phone customers to add Twilio Flex Contact Center to their Spoke Phone solution, and, Twilio Flex customers to add comprehensive PBX capability to Twilio Flex.

By integrating Twilio Flex and Spoke Phone, customers get a single integrated platform built and running on Twilio, allowing them to deliver the exact customer experiences and business integrations unique to their business success.

For customers with existing phone systems, SIP Connectivity allows you to add Spoke Phone overtop of their legacy PBX to supercharge mobility and cloud telephony

Spoke Phone SIP Connectivity allows customers with existing telephony infrastructure and services, to integrate that infrastructure or service with their Spoke Phone account.

As an example, for customers stuck on long term PBX contracts or those on unsupported versions faced with large upgrade costs, Spoke Phone provides a life-line without forcing wholesale change and disruption within the business.

In this instance, Spoke Phone sits over-top of legacy on-prem Cisco, Avaya, and Mitel PBX platforms, and brings advanced mobile working, cloud integrations, and productivity, all without changing numbers, providers, or hardware.

Companies implement Spoke Phone in this way to get the benefits of digital transformation without the risk, and to maximize the ROI of existing infrastructure investments.

Talk to your Spoke Phone Account Executive about Spoke Phone PBX Supercharger and SIP Connectivity today.

Read more about PBX Supercharger for Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, and more.

More visibility into call costs, upcoming charges, and more with new subscription management in the Spoke Phone account portal

See current plan and subscription details, check and update company information and payment details, and see upcoming call costs easily in a new design interface that feels familiar.

Learn more.

Subscription management

Take a quick break with Kristina, and catch up on all Spoke Phone's key features.

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