Control sales conversations at scale

Ensure everyone follows your approved processes while having great customer conversations.

Programmable softphone for Salesforce

Control every call flow and automate highly personalized calls and messages while ensuring conversations occurring off Salesforce are also captured into your Customer 360

Control the interaction

Use Spoke’s CTI for Salesforce and Salesforce Lightning Flows to build the exact workflow your team follows for every call.

salesforce workflow
personalized sms

Personalize the customer journey

Keep customers connected and informed every step of the way with automated and personalized SMS that appear to be sent manually from the customer’s agent or sales rep.

Empower employees that don't live in Salesforce

Deliver high customer satisfaction by pushing rich Salesforce information to employees not working in Salesforce, so all customers get a better experience.

customer 360 remote employee
call highlights

Close your Customer 360 data gaps

Capture conversations occurring on mobile phones and desktops so your Customer 360 view is complete.

Create and maintain a true 360-degree view of your customers' journey with Spoke and Salesforce

Cloud Phone System Customer Testimonial
“The ability to automatically send personalized SMS messages to customers, that appear to come from the sales rep they dealt with, is genius. It really makes customers feel great.”
“Being able to push relevant information from Salesforce to the mobile phones or desktops of employees as they talk to customers, is a game-changer. Customer’s feel really special and every employee can now close more business, not just those in Salesforce.”
"Spoke’s CTI with Salesforce Lightning Flows gives us the ultimate ability to build the exact workflow and process we need our sales agents to follow. It’s a key part of our sales compliance.”

Put your key customer info in front of every employee

Take the rich customer info and conversation context out of the contact center, and into the hands of every employee on any device.

Extend Spoke as your business needs change using our APIs

Interact with calls, messages, and conversations occurring in Salesforce, mobile phones, and desktops.

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