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Cloud based phone system integration for Salesforce



Spoke Phone’s Salesforce integration enables your team to streamline their call workflows, increase productivity, and track your customers through the whole customer journey from marketing, to sales, lead to customer.

Know before you answer

See real-time customer information from Salesforce as people call

When a call comes in, Spoke Phone dips into your Salesforce data to display the latest up-to-date and relevant customer information, so you are armed before you answer the call.

Better employee experiences

Search and call Salesforce contacts from within the company phone system

Your up-to-date Salesforce contacts are always available in Spoke Phone so no matter where your employees are, or what Salesforce access they have (or don’t have), they can easily search, find and call Salesforce contacts from within Spoke Phone.

Better customer outcomes

Automated call logging to Salesforce gives 360 degree customer conversation visibility

Keep everyone up to date with customer conversations occurring across the team. 100% of customer calls on traditional desk phones in the office, mobile phones out in the field, and 3rd party softphones on a computer, are now automatically logged against the customer record in Salesforce so everyone is kept up to date

Increased productivity, happier employees

AI voice-to-text transcription saves hours by automatically writing up call notes

No one likes writing up call notes in the CRM. On average, 80% of call notes are never recorded, and those that are, are usually done late at night when key information is already forgotten. With Spoke Phone’s AI voice-to-text and Salesforce integration, employees simply keep talking once their call ends to dictate thoughts and follow up notes. Spoke Phone transcribes their dictation into text and adds it to Salesforce.

Get the full picture of who is doing what

Use Salesforce call reporting to see who is making calls, for how long, and who is not

Calls made on the Spoke Phone app, your desk phone and computer softphone, populate Salesforce data so you can generate call reports and charts. 

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