business phone system for real estate professionals during covid-19 in australia and united states
Emily Mclean

Emily Mclean

A busy real estate and property management agency putting their best foot forward during Covid-19

See how Spoke Phone helped this real estate company answer all their calls and maintain premium customer service during the crisis of Covid-19.

When the team at Byford Professionals, a real estate company in Western Australia, were told that working from home (WFH) was the new normal for the foreseeable future, there was concern over how they’d keep their business phones running with a desk-based system.

As real estate agents and property managers, it was a trying time during Covid-19 to engage in any type of sales or rental showings and having a phone system that couldn’t function remotely was not going to cut the mustard.

While open home showings were off the cards, many people were still booking in for private appointments for rentals and sales which meant even higher call volumes. On top of that property appraisals were still happening.

The need for a phone system with seamless call transferring

Sales & Administration manager, Jemma Hindley, said it was truly a lifesaver to see the Covid-19 offer for businesses after being quoted thousands by other phones companies for systems that were going to be a major disruption to implement.

“We would have had to put in a whole new system in a couple of days and it was just going to be a nightmare.”

Byford Professionals knew that Spoke Phone was the solution to get them through these tough work from home conditions when they saw the how easy it was to install as a simple phone-based app. They also jumped at the ease of the call transfer feature – the key communications feature they were in desperate need of.

“It was great to be able to have our receptionist answering the phone and being able to easily transfer to the staff member that the call was for, while everyone was working remotely” said Jemma. 

If we hadn’t had that feature, we would have been taking a message, hanging up and then the client would have waited for the staff member to call them back which is not a seamless experience.”

Jemma added that they loved how the Spoke Phone system would deliver a message to call someone back when they missed a call. 

“This meant we could return everyone’s calls and was an even better solution than our current office system where people simply can’t get through if the lines are all full.”

She adds that it was valuable to also have a high-end voice mail system as there were some days they were just inundated with calls and couldn’t catch all of them.

Byford Professionals used Spoke Phone to deliver the same quality of service their clients were used to - they even had an emergency after hours line that calls could be directed to.

Maintaining professionalism in a crisis

At Spoke Phone, one of the core features of our product we pride ourselves on is the ability to help customers deliver professionalism, no matter where they’re working from. It can be the difference between nailing a sale and missing out on one, or even winning over a prospective client just by taking their call on time.

We’re making teams like Jemma’s, more mobile, more productive and improving customer service.

Byford Professionals used Spoke Phone to deliver the same quality of service their clients were used to and they even had an emergency after hours line that calls could be directed to.

“If someone called after hours they could go through a generic line or press for an after hours emergency so it would go straight to a licensee to organise emergency maintenance,” says Jemma.

It’s these small features that deliver vital customer service for our clients no matter what the environment.

Using Telstra call forwarding

With Telstra as Byford Professional’s existing telco, there was also an easy way to for them to divert their Telstra calls to their new Spoke Phone numbers.

Call Conductor is a portal by Telstra that ensures immediate call diversion. Rather than waiting for numbers to be ported which can take up to a week, diverting can be set up in minutes and have your phones ringing right away.

Jemma says they were really lucky with the call conductor system.

“It was great that when our Telstra numbers were diverted, our new Spoke Phone numbers were masked. That meant that when we called people, it showed up as us in the caller ID.

Learn more on how to divert calls with Telstra Call Conductor.

Want to use Spoke Phone to augment your current business phone system?

While many countries are emerging from the first wave of Covid-19 with optimism about the future, ensuring a back-up phone system that can switch from office to home working in an instant, is well worth considering in your continuity planing right now.

It’s impossible to predict how this virus will affect our working lives again but we can be sure that having a phone system that can provide the same level of professionalism your clients are used to is a surefire investment.

Take a look here at how Spoke Phone can augment your existing business phone system and prepare you for whatever the future may hold. 

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