Programmable softphone for Twilio Task Router

Skills based routing, availability, and queuing to mobile phones, desktops, and hard phones.

Spoke and Twilio Task Router

Use Twilio TaskRouter to deliver contact center like capability and customer experiences to Agents using the Spoke softphone app on mobile phones and desktops (and hard phones too!)

Answer contact center calls on mobile, desktop, or hard phones

Set your Agents free and get the flexibility and benefits that come with not being tied to a desk or logged into a browser all day.

customer service
live presence

Skills, queues, and availability

Spokes integration for Twilio TaskRouter syncs Spoke’s employee presence with TaskRouter’s availability, skills routing, and work assignment, brining both solutions together seamlessly.

Add Twilio Studio for total control over the entire customer experience

Spoke also integrates to Twilio Studio allowing you to build your ultimate IVR flows for both contact center and back-office needs (UC & CC), all being delivered seamlessly to Agents and other employees on Spoke.

customer 360

Easily upgrade to Twilio Flex when the time is right

The work you do now implementing skills routing, queues, and workflows for Spoke, is all reused when you make the switch to Twilio Flex.

Many companies are not quite ready to fully invest or commit to Twilio Flex. Spoke's integration to Twilio Task Router is a perfect place to start

Cloud Phone System Customer Testimonial
"We rent heavy machinery, and each machine requires very different maintenance skills. When customers call with a break down, we have to route calls to qualified technicians out in the field. Spoke's mobile softphone client and Twilio TaskRouter made this super easy!"
"Using Spoke and Twilio TaskRouter, we've taken the "contact centre" out to every employee. Being able to route calls and show rich customer information on mobile phones or desktops is a game-changer."
“We did not have the time or skills to fully invest in Twilio Flex. To get going we simply implemented the skills routing and queuing in TaskRouter and connected it to Spoke. Took about a day!"

See how the Spoke softphone app works

See Spoke’s apps for mobile and desktop calling, SMS, Chat, and the core business communication features they provide your back-office team.

Watch how Agents use Spoke inside Twilio Flex

Calls, transfers, employee directory with presence and availability, hunt groups, and more.

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