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Nina Quasebarth

Nina Quasebarth

Free Guide. The Pocket Communication Guide for Your Millennial Employees

This guide will help you understand the key issues to consider when evaluating phone systems, common mistakes that are made along the way, and best practices for implementation and adoption.

Improve your millennial team member's communication with this guide.

While millennial-aged employees often bring new enthusiasm and new approaches to business, their communication style is different. Instead of handshakes, meetings, and phone calls made during an 8:00-to-5:00 workday, Millennials use social media, texting, email, chat, and intranet software tools to address business issues 24/7.

This ebook discusses:

  • Business communication basics
  • A background on common Millennial communication styles
  • Tips for overcoming Millennial communication barriers
  • A checklist guide to distribute to your team

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