Quicker search, faster transfers with Spoke + Twilio Flex

Increase the efficiency and productivity of receptionists and operators who handle a high volume of calls.

Spoke Speedy operator console

Business phone lines are the front lines of your customer experience. Empower receptionists and operators to better represent your business, from wherever they work.

It's all about speed!

The faster you can find and transfer a customer to the exact person they need, the better the customer’s experience and the more you save.

Fast search and transfer
Customizable dynamic filters

Infinitely customizable for personalized call answering and the fastest possible call handling time

In today’s increasingly hybrid and flexible working environment with distributed workforces and remote staff, it has become more challenging to maintain call handling efficiency and service consistency. Not anymore. Make it simple, make it personal, and take it anywhere.

What good is speed without quality?

Give your team better customer insights on every call, so they’re more prepared and customers get a better outcome. Dynamically present rich custom information from Twilio Segment and other sources, based on what number is called and/or who is calling.

Customizable dynamic filters
Transfer to anyone, anywhere

Offer the same customer experience, no matter where you transfer the call

Your business units, brands, partners and suppliers may all have different phone technologies. You can now unify them all in a single cloud solution that offers the the same great and consistent agent and customer experience every time.

Rapid deployment that requires no change to existing systems

We understand that you may not control the platforms you need to integrate with. You can deploy Spoke’s Operator Console overtop of any PBX, CRM, or other contact directory, leaving legacy systems in place and getting started fast.

Works across any platform

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Add to Twilio Flex in 30 seconds

Add to Twilio Flex in 30 seconds

Built on Twilio and fully integrated to Twilio Flex, you now have a softphone-based solution that’s not dependent upon dedicated console equipment or specialist expertise, eliminating the need for complex and costly multi-vendor solutions.

From just a few cents per call, start delivering a more professional face to your customers and drive productivity savings today.

Cloud Phone System Customer Testimonial
Franchise Operators
Maximize franchisee benefits by centralizing enquiries on a single national number that can be answered by an agent in any country, then transferred to a franchisee's mobile phone or phone system anywhere in the world.
Automotive Dealer Groups
Speed up call handling time to provide the ultimate customer experience as you centrally answer and connect calls across multiple brands, dealership locations, service centers, and 3rd-party suppliers.
Retail Chains
Centrally resolve customer enquiries by quickly finding and transferring callers to team members working a specific brand on the department floor, admin folks in the back-office, facilities teams across multiple warehouses, or delivery drivers on the road.
Central Reception
Speed up call handling time to provide the ultimate customer experience as you centrally answer and connecting callers across multiple brands, locations, teams, 3rd-party suppliers, and more.
Virtual Reception / Concierge
Build your virtual receptionist business by providing each of your customers a personalized and seamless experience when their customers call.
Private Directories
Provide your union, club, or business members with a service that makes them accessible to non-members/each other, while masking their phone numbers and protecting their privacy.
Shared Office Providers
Scale your virtual receptionist capability and generate new revenues by providing enhanced reception experiences and services to your shared office tenants.

Integrate Spoke to Twilio Studio

Spoke is a radically easy way to seamlessly connect calls, conversations, and context between Twilio Studio Flows and employees.

Spoke's softphone app in action!

See Spoke’s apps for mobile and desktop calling, SMS, Chat, and the core business communication features they provide your back-office team.

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