mobile business phone system for your sales team so you can record calls, transcribe and update your crm
Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell

Navigate uncertain times with a mobile application that saves your sales people time and helps you grow revenue through enhanced customer experience.

See how Spoke Phone saves your field based teams time, helps you grow revenue and connects your team to your customers wherever they are.

From online shopping to streaming TV, the new digital experience on mobile has redefined expectations for how mobile apps can connect customers, empower employees and enhance productivity. 

Yet even as employees spend hours per day on mobile, businesses and enterprises have fallen behind in their ability to close the experience gap on those devices – resulting in the loss of productivity for employees in every line of business. 

The Spoke Phone mobile application empowers any company to do a digital transformation for mobile and achieve a game changing customer experience in sales and service.

Now employees across sales and service can collaborate on the go in a way that’s fast, conversational and smart - delivering the connected digital experience customers expect.

For example, when a customer calls your sales team they will immediately see relevant customer details on the screen before they answer the call.  During the call your sales team can access scripts to ask the compliance questions you need to mitigate risk and record verbal approval. After a call your field team will be able to dictate post-meeting notes directly into their Spoke Phone app and relate those notes with contacts in your Salesforce, Microsoft or other business applications. Spoke Phone can remind your team to create follow-up tasks like scheduling activity for another team member or planning the next sales call. 

When a user starts using Spoke Phone, the first thing they’ll love is that they can separate their business and personal calls and they will know when a business call is coming in.  They will also get all the functionality of an office based phone system in the palm of their hands.  They will truly be connected to the rest of your business, able to forward calls easily, record notes on your CRM, create and access a seperate business voice mail, manage their availability and use conferencing functionality easily and with great call quality.

From an administration perspective you can access valuable business mobile information quickly and easily by logging into your admin portal.  Track call volumes, call length, call recordings and more to inform data led decisions to improve productivity and enhance customer service and security.

Beyond the user experience, the Spoke Phone roadmap for artificial intelligence will provide greater opportunity for field team productivity and compliance.

You can start a free trial now and experience many of the benefits of Spoke Phone.  As an administrator in your free trial you can simply send an email invite to your sales team to download the Spoke Phone App from their App Store and register their mobile phone. From there, you or your admin team can quickly setup Spoke Phone to reflect your business, by following a few easy steps your team will be all set to make and receive business calls on their Spoke Phone app, create customised call groups, update availability status, transfer calls to each other and host team conference calls.  Then to access more features and the benefits of integration to your other business applications our implementation team or technology partners can help you with a fully customized setup.

Free Whitepaper

Download our comprehensive whitepaper to learn how the digital workspace is replacing the office. 

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