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Nina Quasebarth

Nina Quasebarth

Drive next-level customer experiences with custom multi-level IVRs and intelligent queuing for Spoke Phone

Give customers a rich and immersive experience with a custom multi-level IVR and intelligent skills-based queuing designed specifically for your business.

Why your business phone system needs a custom IVR

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated phone system technology that allows incoming callers to utilize menu options via touch-tone keypad selection or speech recognition—allowing callers to navigate to specific departments or specialists of their choice.

A well-designed IVR system can help increase customer satisfaction and improve operations and KPIs that matter to your business. For example, during times of high call volume, an effective IVR system can help avoid missed and abandoned calls by presenting customers with a way to navigate to the right place and perform simple tasks themselves. 

And in cases where a customer needs or requests to speak to a specific person, IVR technology can help route calls quickly and seamlessly to the best agent to address their inquiry. 

Why you should implement custom call queuing on your business phone system, and the improvements you can expect

When a customer calls your company and you can’t answer right away, they may hear a prompt to leave a message or get routed to another group of people unable to answer quickly. The result is that  customers get frustrated and hang up, resulting in a poor customer experience and increasing your missed call rate.

The knock-on effect of this can be that your team’s workload increases. They now have to listen to messages then attempt to call the customer back, oftentimes playing phone tag for days.

Spoke Phone call queueing allows customers to wait on the phone until a representative is available to take the call. This decreases missed and abandoned call rates, streamlining the customer journey and enhancing your customers’ experience when calling your company.

Before and After IVR Queue

How does call queuing work in a cloud-based business phone system?

Call queues are designed to quickly route a caller to the most appropriately skilled and available person or people.

As call volumes increase, queues can route callers to backup teams of people, or place callers in a queue and keep them entertained until an appropriately skilled resource becomes available.

While a caller is in the queue, you can play them music, messages, even adverts if you wish, You can also periodically let them know they are still in the queue. When an appropriately skilled resource becomes available, the caller is instantly connected. 

Below is an example of how a business phone system call queue works. Read more on skill based routing and queuing for Spoke Phone.

Call Queue example

Adding intelligence and data driven decisions for automated call routing using Spoke Phone custom IVRs and call queues

There are many ways to set up IVRs and call flows for your business, but usually there is only one correct way. Our Professional Services team has seen many different implementations and know what makes a great customer experience, and what the challenges are. 

Work with our Professional Services team to build a custom IVR flow and call queues that are tailored to your business, so you see an improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts will design and build specifically for your business needs. This can include dipping into your CRM and other systems to truly personalize your customers’ experience.

For instance, imagine how your customers would feel if when they called your company they were greeted with this experience:

“Hello Sarah, and welcome back. I see your agent John Adams is available, would you like me to put you through?”

To find out what’s possible, book a call with our Professional Services team below. 

Talk to an expert about custom IVRs and queues

Our professional services team will design and build a custom solution to your exact business requirements.

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