Mobile workforce plugin for Avaya Phone Systems


For years Avaya has provided companies the world over with robust PBX phone systems connecting customers to employees. Spoke Phone seamlessly integrates to augment your Avaya business phone systems investment.

Maximize your existing Avaya investment and adapt for the future

Add years to the lifetime and new capabilities to your Avaya investment

Spoke Phone extends the life and ROI of your existing Avaya phone system investment by adding new and differentiated capabilities designed for the future front-line mobile worker.

Spoke Phone is designed to deliver your company’s competitive advantage (your unique business information, processes, and IP), to employees using mobile phones.

Spoke Phone gives you the ability to customize and innovate Spoke Phone’s call experience to insert your back-office systems, cross-functional business process, and key information to employees talking on mobile phones.

This unique capability means that companies using Avaya can now arm front-line employees with mobile-first business tools that drive business change while improving productivity, compliance, and business insights. 

Cisco Spoke Benefits

Deploy without change or risk

Employees keep the same hardware, numbers, and process

To make things simple Spoke Phone uses your existing infrastructure and setup (hardware, extension numbers, dial-plans, call-flows, employee processes, etc.) and keeps your PSTN voice contract and phone numbers with your current provider.

Calls flow over your existing call plan provider to optimize contract commitments, and there is no porting of phone numbers required.

Deployment Model

Spoke Phone Avaya PBX Augmentation

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