More flexibility for MSFT D365

Deeply integrate customer calling experiences with Spoke and MSFT D365.

Programmable softphone for Microsoft

Put your customer at the center of every conversation with Spoke and Microsoft D365

Build better customer experiences

Streamline your customer experience across the entire organisation.

Integrate Microsoft D365 and Microsoft Power Automate with Spoke to capture every data point across the entire customer journey.

build customer experience
customer journey

Transform the customer journey

Empower your team with Microsoft D365 and Spoke, giving employees with up to date customer data and insights, allowing the delivery of meaningful customer experiences.

Automate the customer interaction

Integrate your unique business process management into every customer conversation with Microsoft Power Automate and Spoke.

customer 360

Close your Customer 360 data gaps

With Microsoft and Spoke, provide team members with a full 360-degree view of the customer across all communication channels anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Create and maintain a true 360-degree view of your customers' journey with Spoke and Microsoft

Cloud Phone System Customer Testimonial
"Spoke's templates for Microsoft Power Automate allowed us to rapidly build the exact integration to Dynamics that we wanted while keeping all the content and IP secured inside our Microsoft account and infrastructure."
"While our old PBX calls were recorded in Dynamics, for compliance, we were missing all calls and messages people were doing on mobile phones. Spoke closed that gap and now everything flows into Dynamics and we're 100% compliant."
"We're a Microsoft shop, but we found that Teams was not quite what we needed. With Spoke and Twilio we were able to build the exact customer and user experience we needed while still remaining a 'Microsoft' shop."

Put your key customer info in front of every employee

Take the rich customer info and conversation context out of the contact center, and into the hands of every employee on any device.

Extend Spoke as your business needs change using our APIs

Interact with calls, messages, and conversations occurring in Salesforce, mobile phones, and desktops.

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