Power Automate

Business process automation and enterprise integration using Microsoft Power Automate



Spoke Phone’s Webhooks and APIs allow enterprise-grade integration to ensure that the most up to date contact data is synchronized between your CRM and Spoke Phone. Coupled with Microsoft Power Automate your business processes and system workflows are generating immediate value and actionable insights from your Mobile workforce, as soon as they engage with your customers.

The complete up-to-date picture

See real-time customer information from your CRM and update your CRM with new customer information

When a call comes in, Spoke Phone dips into your CRM data to ensure that the most up-to-date information is provided. Spoke Phone is immediately updated with new CRM data, and when new contacts are made in the field, Spoke Phone immediately sends that new contact information back into your CRM. Use custom forms to collect additional customer information to keep your CRM up to date with your unique data needs.

Collect Actionable Data

Collect actionable data during a call and immediately trigger the appropriate business workflows within your business

Create custom forms to collect the most important customer data during a Spoke Phone call and immediately send that data into the CRM. Power Automate allows you to own that business process workflow and immediately trigger the appropriate actions and respond in real-time.

Take ownership and customize your business processes

With Spoke Phone’s webhooks, APIs, and Power Automate, you have complete control and ownership of your business processes to open up a world of possibility

Using Spoke Phone’s webhooks and APIs with Microsoft Power Automate gives you an accessible, low cost of ownership solution for taking complete control of your business processes resulting from important customer conversations. Control exactly how your call data and contact data stays synchronized to your CRM. Own the downstream automated actions within your business tools, not only in the CRM but connect to any other business tools with API support, giving your customers and teams immediate responses to actionable data coming from customer calls.

Better customer outcomes

Automated call logging to your CRM gives 360-degree customer conversation visibility

Keep everyone up to date with customer conversations occurring across the team. 100% of customer calls on traditional desk phones in the office, mobile phones out in the field, and 3rd party softphones on a computer, are now automatically logged against the customer record in your CRM so everyone is kept up to date.

Increased productivity, happier employees

AI voice-to-text transcription saves hours by automatically writing up call notes

No one likes writing up call notes in the CRM. On average, 80% of call notes are never recorded, and those that are, are usually done late at night when key information is already forgotten. With Spoke Phone’s AI voice-to-text, employees simply keep talking once their call ends to dictate thoughts and follow up notes. Spoke Phone transcribes their dictation into text and puts it in your CRM, or customize the workflow to send the new notes to wherever they need to be, in an instant.

Get the full picture of who is doing what

Use CRM call reporting to see who is making calls, for how long, and who is not

Calls made on the Spoke Phone app, your desk phone, and computer softphone, populate the appropriate CRM data so you can generate call reports and charts. 

Need a leg up? Let us help you get started

Whichever CRM or business solutions you use, we have an example set of Power Automate flows to showcase out of box integration

Take these example workflows to get a head start with Power Automate. The example flows to integrate the most common data flows to get you up and running to build and customize for your own unique business data and processes.

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