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Sasha Viasasha

Sasha Viasasha

Deploying Low Code Mobile Forms for Effortless Data Capture

Enabling the ability to work from anywhere in the world, mobile phones provide field agents, sales reps and support staff the ability to stay connected with customers. But what about driving the right business processes and ensuring continuity of experience across the entire customer journey?

Mobile forms for gathering information during the phone call

Delivering a world class customer experience on mobile phones means empowering employees with tools that are easy to use. Low code mobile forms are easy to build, and easy for employees to use. By deploying mobile forms, you can drive business processes, guide calls, and capture information from conversations happening on mobile phones.

Using low code mobile forms, from a single screen, employees can:

  • Ask questions and collect information
  • Capture call disposition codes and record call notes
  • Document call outcomes and trigger the appropriate action

Low code mobile forms can be used to collect customer information to update your CRM or to gather market insights that you can use to better understand the customer. Mobile forms allow you to guide and document conversations happening on mobile phones, and to be sure that the appropriate action or follow up takes place.

Spoke's Low Code Form Builder

Spokes low code form builder allows business users to easily create forms to collect information at any point in the call. You can use elements from the template library to create your form, and If you need more customization, your IT team can edit the underlying code.

Spoke Mobile forms are intuitive and simple to use, empowering users with the right information at the right time. As they talk, they are prompted to ask questions. They have the option of completing the form after the call and recording voice notes that are transcribed and updated with the mobile form to a system such as a CRM.

Market Insights Collector

Deep integration with business systems such as a CRM or ERP allow you to gather rich insights from conversations happening on phone calls on mobile forms, and turn it into business intelligence. For real time market feedback, you can use Spokes market insights dashboard to collect, review and analyze real time market feedback as your employees talk to customers. 

Since mobile forms are so easy to build, test and deploy, you can easily update or add new forms for any business use case. Market insights help you get instant insights about your market. With the right mobile infrastructure, remote work can result in a boost in both employee satisfaction and productivity.  Mobile forms are a way to ensure that the customer experience is consistent and drives the customer journey forward. 

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