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Now there are no more excuses for joining conference calls late

You would think that after years of conference calling, that we could have one darn conference call that starts on-time.

You would think that after years of conference calling and the explosion of video conferencing tools like Zoom, that we could have one darn conference call that starts on-time. You would think that starting phone meetings on time should be easy enough. Pick up your phone, dial in, talk. How hard can it be? 

Can humans actually have conference calls that start on time?

Searching Google for “how to start a conference call on time” shows thousands of articles on the topic. 

There are etiquette guides that teach you how to turn up for conference calls on time, and studies that tell you how long you should wait for people to join your conference call.

After hundreds of studies and thousands of best-practice articles that give you advice on conference calling, they largely conclude that people will join your conference calls late – so just accept it.

Surly we can do better. 

Even a CEO earning $15 million a year is not immune to conference calls that do not start on time

I recently heard a story about a board meeting of a public company in London. 

At the table were eight or nine executives, including the $15 million a year man, the CEO himself. 

Typically, the first 20 minutes of the board meeting were taken up trying to get a remote board member on the phone.

Was the CEO enraged? Was he apoplectic? Had steam coming out his ears?  No. He was calm – Situation normal. 

Here is probably $10,000 an hour in salaries sitting sitting around a table, patiently waiting for someone to dial in to a conference call.

Turns out the culprit was driving and could not safely dial in.

And you know what, I can empathise with him. 

If you’ve ever tried to dial into a conference call and enter a 10 digit PIN you that can’t remember, you’ll know it’s impossible when you’re sitting at your desk, let alone when you are driving.

Thousands of hours are wasted every year, waiting for people to join conference calls.

No more excuses, I'll dial you. The answer to making regular team meetings start on time

Enter 1-button conference calls.

No dial-in, no PIN, no sending out links, and no more excuses for joining conference calls late.

One swipe and your phone rings everyone that you want on your call. All they have to do is answer their phone to join the conference. Your conference cals now start on time, every time.

And better yet, if they cannot answer when you call, they can automatically join in once they become available.

1-button conference calls are great for:

  1. Internal teams that have regular conference calls. Such as daily stand-ups, weekly check-ins, leaderships meetings, etc. 
  2. Project teams. Teams who deal with internal stakeholders, external suppliers, and partners on projects. For instance civil engineering, construction, software implementations, board meetings, professional services, etc.

Top five things that we love about 1-button conference calling:

  • Don’t have to dial in
  • Can safely join while driving
  • Conference calls always starts on time
  • Anyone can start the conference call if the organizer cannot make it
  • The organizer can leave part-way through, and everyone else can keep on talking
  • You don’t need to be at your desk, near a computer screen, or in the office, to start or join conference calls

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