Modern communication
Nina Quasebarth

Nina Quasebarth

Free Infographic: The Surprising Truth of How People Communicate (or Don’t) today

In many ways, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is forcing us to move further away from true human connections, and hide behind our devices.

When is the last time that you answered a call that wasn't a telemarketer or robo-dial?

In many ways, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is forcing us to move further away from true human connection, and hide behind our devices.

We are much more likely to send a text or an email than to simply pick up the phone and place a call — despite the fact that a phone call may solve the problem more quickly and efficiently.

In this infographic you will discover:

  • What’s happening with communication today
  • Today’s top three communication platforms
  •  Time employees spend on social media while at work
  • Why and what employees use social media at work for

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