Spoke Phone Introduces Business Text
Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy

Improving sales efficiency at $99 a month

It is essential to have and use the right tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your sales process. You can use technology and data to enhance your sales team to take them to the next level. Timing is everything in sales. This means your sales team needs to act efficiently and effectively in order to achieve the desired results. By improving your sales efficiency, it will improve the speed and rate at which your sales team achieves sales activities and generates revenue.

41.2% of salespeople said their phone is the most effective sales tool at their disposal

Key Sales Statistics 2021 HubSpot

Technology is a large factor in driving sales productivity and increasing success. Spoke Phone is a cloud based business phone system, and is able to improve sales efficiency through the great variety of features available. Using a cloud-based system allows your team to work from any location. This gives your team flexibility to work remotely and share information with each other and their customers in real time. 

Spoke phone is able to assist your sales team with having the right tools to turn your average sales person into a sales expert.

1. Call queues, Auto-attendants, Call recording, conference calling and much more

Distribute calls to people and teams on mobile phones all around the world.

Professionally greet customers and automate call distribution to get scale into your business.

Record, document and store calls that occur on any mobile phone, desk phone, or any device. 

Start or join a conference call on the move.


2. Send/Receive Business SMS messages

Text is an efficient way to communicate simple information and direct messages to your teammates to coordinate and organise everyday matters one-on-one. 

Spoke Phone users can now message each other all around the world using business chat, keeping personal messages separate from work messages.

3. CRM intergrations

Time is more efficient when your systems integrate with each other. 

Spoke Phone has the capabilities to integrate with CRM’s, therefore your accounts can link together, saving you time. 


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