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Call reporting dashboards in Google Sheets

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Spoke Phone’s pre-built integration to Google Sheets enables simple and effective dashboards to view your up to date Spoke Phone account activity.

The complete up-to-date picture

Call data is streamed into the Google Sheet to keep it up to date with the most recent call logs.  The pre-built Spoke Phone reporting dashboard is automatically updated to reflect the most recent data.

Actionable data

See the total calls; the busiest days; inbound, outbound, and internal calls; call duration information and more.  Easily select the date range and focus in on problems or outlying data.

Take ownership and customize your reporting needs

Using the tools your employees are already familiar with, take control of your own reporting needs and build your own charts and dashboards using the automatically updated data source.  Easily snapshot the report data for trend analysis or snapshot the dashboards into PDF or as a hardcopy to use elsewhere in the business.

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