Google Contacts

Cloud based phone system integration for Google Contacts



Spoke Phone’s Google Contacts integration enables you to share a customer contact list that you’ve curated in Google Contacts, with your entire team in Spoke Phone. 

Know before you answer

See who is calling before you answer

When a call comes in, Spoke Phone dips into your Google Contacts data and displays the customer name before you answer the call.

Better employee experiences

Search and call Google Contacts from within the company phone system

Your up-to-date Google Contacts are always available in Spoke Phone so no matter where your employees are, or what Google Contacts access they have (or don’t have), they can easily search, find and call the customers in your Google Contacts.

Give employees the full picture

CRM like information in Google Contacts

The more info you save about a person in your Google Contacts, the better. Spoke Phone’s Google Contacts integration supports rich contact information such as name, company name, job title, as well as multiple phone numbers, and emails. 

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