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Emily Mclean

Forget porting, get a new business number

Getting a new business phone number doesn’t need to be half as scary as you think - here’s why.

As the impact of Covid-19 is felt far and wide, implementing systems that enable business continuity in our new-normal of remote working and social distancing becomes the number one priority of businesses. While zoom and other similar apps are awesome for internal team engagement and even client meetings, there are times when you just need the simplicity of a business phone call. That is, you need your customers to be able to call your business and for you to be able to manage that call – whether you are forwarding the call, providing an interactive voice response, creating call conferences, call recordings or hunt groups – any of the features you expect with a comprehensive business phone system.

Fortunately during this unprecedented time, there is a quick and easy way to set-up a remote version of your business phone system using an app on your team’s mobile phones. One where you don’t need to worry about your team’s personal mobile phone numbers being disclosed or have it costing them money for calls.

If you feel emotionally attached to your existing business number just remember that customers simply want an easy way to get hold of you and rarely remember your actual phone number.

Why porting is challenging right now 

To continue with your existing number, you will need to either forward or port your business phone number from your current provider to the new mobile application. This may take two to four weeks in normal circumstances but with current Covid-19 restrictions it may be impossible to do. The other option is to select a new phone number for your business and this is often easier than you might think.

And if you feel emotionally attached to your existing business number just remember that customers simply want an easy way to get hold of you and they rarely remember your actual phone number.

Unable to port your business number?

We know that some telcos are unable to port numbers at the moment or advise lengthy delays on providing porting services as they experience reduced capacity on their teams. In saying this, telcos have always made it harder than it needs to be to port numbers, simply because they don’t want to lose your business. 

So here’s another solution that will result in better call quality, lower costs, and instant remote phone system success for your business. A new phone number that Spoke Phone provides to you.

I know that may sound scary but here’s why it is not.

A new number will actually mean better call quality and customers love nothing more than a call with great audio.

A new business number is a far better solution than you may think

The truth is that very few people actually know what your company number is. They simply do a Google search to find it or if they’re repeat customers they’ll have your number stored in their phone book.

As a result, all the businesses who have moved their number recently are finding it fast and easy to get customers calling their new line. In fact, with the following steps in place we’re seeing that 90% of incoming calls reach your new number within a week, by week two, 90-95% of incoming calls are on the new number, and within 90 days, no one is calling your old number. 

Changing your number quickly and painlessly 

A new number will actually mean better call quality and customers love nothing more than a call with great audio. Here’s a quick 5 step run down of how to change your company numbers easily:

  1. Update your company-wide email footer- this way with every email sent there is no confusion about how to contact you. Just google your email software for help on how to update your signature or contact your IT support team to update your team’s signatures. 
  2. Update your business listing on Google and Bing – so when people Google you (which almost everyone does now) your number automatically displays and your customers simply click to call. If you haven’t got a listing then now’s the time to make one to improve your Google ranking and let customers find you. (You don’t have to have a website or online presence to use this service).
  3. Update your website – an obvious but a necessary task.
  4. Send an email to all your customers asking them to update their phone book – keep it brief and even pop ‘Our business number has changed’ in the subject line to encourage them to open the email.
  5. Leave a message on your old number asking them to call your new number
  6. Make a social media post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram announcing your new number – and make sure all your employees’ LinkedIn profiles are up to date with your new business number.
  7. Ensure all your campaign landing pages have your updated contact details .
  8. Forgo your printed business cards for the time being and use LinkedIn as your business directory. Covid-19 and remote working mean that swapping business cards might just be a thing of the past.

Get set up fast!

Purchasing a new phone number from Spoke Phone means you will be set up to use your new mobile business phone system in under 30 minutes. That means your team can start making and receiving calls right away. 

Time for a new number? Get in touch today.

Also, take a look at our special offer for Covid-19 affected businesses. For just $750 NZD we can get you up and running for three months. 

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