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Nina Quasebarth

Nina Quasebarth

Does Your Phone System Support Your Mobile First Workforce?

Business is out there. It’s not in the office. That’s why more and more companies in every industry are expanding their field service mobile workforce

Business is out there. It’s not in the office. That’s why more and more companies in every industry are expanding their field service mobile workforce – from trucking to healthcare to professional services to consulting. In fact, just about any company with a sales team, needs a reliable mobile phone network to coordinate sales and customer activities without generating a sky-high phone bill. Both the physical and the business landscape presents its own set of challenges for making this work in the real world.

Staying connected as your workforce becomes more mobile, and people opt for freedom of work

For a great example, consider the trucking specialists at the Stan Semenoff Group. Their business depends on the communication among workers in the head office and the 70 odd truck drivers out in the field. For much of the day, these truck drivers are in rural areas where Wi-Fi does not exist, and 4G often drops to 3G or worse.

Spoke Phone helped the Stan Semenoff Group operate more effectively using:

  • HD calling (VoIP) for when Wi-Fi or 4G data signals were strong
  • Carrier calling mode over their carrier’s voice network when signals were unstable or non-existent

Spoke has significantly upgraded the way customers without reliable Wi-Fi or cellular data can keep the lines of communication open, and provide a far better user experience across the board.

In another example, a 50-employee engineering consultant business found that as their business grew, customer satisfaction took a turn for the worse. Their customers like to talk through complex issues with their trusted engineer, but with engineers often on other jobs and out of the office, high-quality and cost-effective connectivity became a real problem.

Cutting the cord and cutting costs with mobile first approach

Even location-based businesses like T-shirt printing shops have benefited from a mobile first approach to business phone systems. Starting a business on a shoe-string means that you can’t be everywhere all at once, yet customers still expect a professional experience when they call. You can’t afford to lose calls, not call customers back, drop calls when transferring, or have an unprofessional call greeting.

Rick, the CEO of My Custom Tees, represents the next generation of tech-savvy business leaders who are mobilizing everything they can, and reaping big savings. He wrote about how much Spoke’s mobile first phone system saved his business saying, “We love the app! It assisted us in fully virtualizing our workforce and cutting $300,000 in costs!”

Mobile workforce security in an insecure world

One of the main reasons that offices were created in the first place, was so that a business could keep all of its property and data safe in a central location. People used to install private, on-premise phone network and IT servers to make sure that the customer information was all within a firewall, both virtually and physically.

The nature of business has changed since then. Now customers want to be able to call from anywhere on their mobile phones. They want to buy things online using the mobile web. They want their profile data stored somewhere remotely so they don’t have to enter everything all over again when they change devices, which can happen many times per day.

Spoke has taken a multi-layered approach to security, ensuring that every element of company data is secure, including personally identifying information about customers in your contact database for mobile workforce. In fact, housing customer data within secure Spoke app is much safer that leaving it open on individual mobile devices that can be lost, stolen, or go away with employees when they leave the company.

At the same time as it protects company data, Spoke helps enforce employee privacy by masking the employee’s true mobile phone number behind a company line whenever they need make and take company calls. Any time an employee dials out for a business calls on Spoke, the person on the other side only sees the company number you specify, and not the employee’s mobile number.

Spoke separates the data on the employee’s personal phone from phone calls made under the business line. Employers are unable to see any of the employee’s private phone calls, contacts, browsing history, email, chats, or personal app usage. and that our service in the cloud is as secure (if not more secure) as when they were when run on premise.

The mobile, global phone system for a changing world

Traditional professionals like plumbers, accountants, and farmers face the same communication challenges as the leaders of the most futuristic tech start-ups today.

How do you stay connected as you move through locations with connection instability, and how do you provide the most professional front to your customers as your business evolves?

Spoke Phone is the virtual phone network designed for the mobile workforce. Your next generation business deserves a low cost, mobile-first platform that scales and evolves as fast as you do.

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