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Emily Mclean

Emily Mclean

Diverting phone calls from Telstra with Call Conductor

If Telstra is your current telco provider then here’s the easy way to divert your calls to your new Spoke number and have your business phone system set-up to ring on your team’s mobile phones. This means no delay to calls and all the functionality of being in the office but on mobile. Diverting through Telstra Call Conductor ensures immediate call diversion and is the quickest and easiest way to get you set-up for business as usual but on mobile in a remote work environment.

What is diverting exactly?​

Diverting is the process of having someone call your existing office number and it literally “diverting” to a new number that we give you. You can divert remotely but you will get much improved call quality and speed of diversion if you use your Telstra Call Conductor login.

Diverting your number is an interim solution to porting your phone number to a new provider. It’s the short term way to receive calls on your new number immediately. Alternatively, you may choose to have a new business number which we highly recommend. 

Why divert?

Porting can take a number of days or even up to a week to complete. Diverting is the way to go to ensure you don’t miss any calls from your clients, customers or patients.

While we don’t recommend diverting as a permanent solution, it’s the best way to get your new number up and running quickly without having to wait for a porting service (many of which you’ll find hard to get right now with Covid-19).

Best of all, when diverting your Telstra number, your new Spoke Phone number will be masked. That means that when you call people, it will still show up as you in the caller ID. We also make sure that when people ring you, their caller ID shows up as well.

When diverting your Telstra number, your new Spoke Phone number will be masked. That means that when you call people, it will still show up as you in the caller ID.

Diverting with Telstra Call Conductor

If you’re a customer with Telstra and you just received a new Spoke Phone number, then this is how to set up a diversion easily.

Step one:

Log into your Telstra Call Conductor account:

Telstra forwarding portal

Step two:

Click the forward and divert button. Select the numbers in your chain you’d like diverted to your new Spoke Phone number OR select Other and enter your new Spoke Phone number in the space below and click Activate.

NB: If your existing business number is engaged (ie. busy with a call) Telstra will automatically divert the call to one of the new lines so someone else in your team can answer. See examples of new lines below – you can add these in the forward/divert column.

Step three:

Divert your voicemail by inserting your new Spoke Phone number in the Voicemail box.

That’s it! You’re all done.

Telstra forwarding portal

Once you're all set up

Once you’ve diverted your Telstra number to a Spoke Phone number, you can work with us to get set up to divert to call groups. We’re here to tailor your Spoke Phone system to your business to work for your team and their needs.

Get in touch today to see how we can get your business get set up remotely and have your people connected from wherever they may be.

See our special Covid-19 offer here. 

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