Desk Phone Support for Twilio

Reuse existing desk phones, routes, and extensions to minimize employee disruption as you move to the cloud.

Spoke Phone Legacy

Connect your on-premise phone infrastructure to Spoke so you can safely migrate to the cloud in your own time

Reuse desk phone investment

The best customer experiences are delivered by Spoke’s softphone app, but sometimes you just need a desk phone. With Spoke you can keep using the desk phones you already own, without any complex rebuild or changes.

call to desk phone
Keep extension numbers

Reduce change risk

Changing employee behavior is risky. Spoke lets employees keep their numbers, extensions and desk phones while they come up to speed – or forever.

Full deskphone support on Twilio

Your legacy desk phones will continue to work just the same as before, but now with the added power of Spoke and Twilio.

swap calls to deskphone

Talk to an expert about desk phones

Let's discuss the migration of your legacy PBX, and how you can keep all your desk phones.

scale as you grow

Reduce load off your legacy systems

The moment you add Spoke to your existing PBX, all call load, line, and hardware capacity limitations are removed. This gives you time to plan your move to the cloud without risk.

Enterprise-ready for true scale

Add and manage thousands of users and devices in a few clicks with auto-provisioning, SSO, and other tools that will make your IT Ops team smile.

Auto-provisioning, SSO, Security, Analytics
Cloud Phone System Customer Testimonial
“We had 4,500 Cisco handsets, a lot of which were unable to be converted to SIP. We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars keeping the devices that already worked well.”
"Converting Cisco Skinny to SIP is an expensive and time-consuming task, and thankfully one we did not need to undertake with Spoke."
"We wanted to move our communications infrastructure to Twilio, but the lack of SIP support made it challenging. Spoke Legacy solves that problem in an elegant way."
"Changing employee behavior is hard. We were able to keep all our users happy and had zero downtime because Spoke reused our Mitel handsets."

Easily distribute calls and conversations without complexity

Connecting customers to available employees and teams is no longer locked inside a complex PBX or contact center.

See all features and how they’ve helped others succeed

Use Spoke’s long list of rich features right out of the box and customize them to innovate as your needs grow.

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