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Jason Kerr

Spoke Phone Release Desk phones, soft phones, and dial by extension – because desk phones are not dead.

Spoke Phone release support for traditional desk phones, soft phones, and dial by extension - because desk phones are a long way from being dead.

Spoke Phone released today, support for traditional desk phones, soft phones, and dial by extension for Spoke Phone customers. Because as it turns out, desk phones are a long way from being dead.

80 percent of phone system buyers want desk phones

Spoke Phone is a mobile 1st business phone system designed for a modern mobile workforce. Spoke Phone turns mobile phones into a fully integrated business phone systems in 3 minutes or less.

Having Spoke Phone is like taking your old Cisco PBX, making it modern, giving it more power, making it easy to use, and stuffing it inside your mobile phone. 

However, as cool and as mobile and as powerful as Spoke Phone is, it turns out that even the most mobile of businesses have users that simply prefer the good old desk phone.

We’ve found that about 80 percent of our customers have one or two employees who don’t want to use a mobile phone, don’t have a mobile phone, or just prefer talking on a desk phone.

With today’s release, Spoke Phone customers can now have the best of all worlds. 

With Spoke Phone you can now have the leading mobile 1st designed phone system that mobile and remote employees love, and also, have users who prefer traditional desk phones or computer soft phones.

Reuse the desk phones you already own and maximize your investment

One of the big advantages of Spoke Phone, is the ability to reuse the existing desk phones you already own.

In most cases, the existing SIP/IP desk phone you purchased with your Avaya, Cisco, or perhaps Mitel phone system, can be used with Spoke.

Not only can you reuse those old desk phones, they now get upgraded with way more power. For instance those old desk phones can now have modern features like voice AI transcriptions, one-tap conference calling, encrypted call recording, and more.

You can now easily move to the cloud when your copper line is removed

One of the biggest risks facing your business today is the removal of traditional copper and ISDN phone lines.

Thousands of business in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries are having old copper lines and ISDN circuits removed by Telco providers. Under programs like the Australian NBN, companies are faced with replacing their phone systems at great cost. 

Companies in these countries that have invested in last-generation phone systems (like Panasonic, NEC, Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, and others), are going to be left with worthless equipment and massive employee upheaval.  

Well, not anymore.

With Spoke Phone, businesses that have invested in old phone systems reliant on copper, ISDN, and other legacy circuits, can now move to Spoke Phone easily. And best yet, they can move in a matter of hours without disrupting employees, changing numbers, or replacing equipment.

How to move to a modern cloud phone system without disrupting your employees or customers

Imagine this…

You get the latest business phone system that works over the Internet, and your business keeps running without disruption.

Your employees keep the same desk phones, extensions, phone numbers, business cards, and processes. Your employees are happy.

The business keeps the same greetings, IVR, options, call groups, and calling rules. Your IT team is happy.

You get to reuse your investment in desk phones and other equipment. Your CFO is happy.

Employee who work remotely or are mobile, now have much better tools that are easier to use. They are happy.

Customers have a better experience and can connect more easily with the head office and employees on the road. Yep, they are happier too.

And, you. You get a new modern phone system with powerful timesaving features like CRM integration, voice transcription, call recording, and more.

What’s the catch?  Not sure there is one.

And did we mention, because Spoke Phone is designed for use on a 4″ mobile screen, it’s super simple to use. So much so, that there is no user training required.

So, what are you waiting for?

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