Improving customer experiences in a mobile world

Ensure your remote workforce are always ready to deliver high-quality customer service on mobile phones.

Remote working with Spoke

Improving customer experiences in a mobile world

Ensure your remote workforce are always ready to deliver high-quality customer service on mobile phones.

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Improve customer satisfaction and business outcomes on mobile phone calls

The key to good customer and business outcomes are: timely access to critical information, consistent behavior, messaging and unified processes. Spoke Phone brings all this and more to mobile phone calls so mobile employees have meaningful conversations that ensure important details are never missed.

Bring mobile capability to your customer experience

New digital technologies and growing customer expectations in the service space are driving the need for greater digital capabilities and a more seamless digital experience across all channels, including mobile phone calls.

Design custom forms


Empower mobile employees with your unique IP, right inside their mobile phone.

Assist conversations


Help employees have conversations that drive better customer outcomes.

Integrate to anything


Boost productivity 20%, increase employee happiness and reduce business risk.

Armed with the right tools, employees with workplace flexibility will be better engaged and motivated, providing an enriched customer experience.

A multichannel customer service strategy with mobile

In our post Covid-19 world, some customer service channels will have greater importance than others. Phone calls on mobile are the key to unlocking true flexibility for your remote based team. Pairing your mobile channel with the functionality, security and performance you would expect from a desk-based system or contact-center, is Spoke Phone’s core value.

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Voice artificial intelligence and call recording

Quickly capture, transcribe and share call notes to yourself, colleagues or customers.  Store those notes securely in the cloud or through integrations with your existing business technology solutions. Improve customer satisfaction when requests made over the phone are actioned quickly, accurately and seamlessly across the entire organisation.

Guided conversations keep everyone on track

Excellence in customer outcomes is all about having informed consistent conversations and following up on promises. To achieve this, companies have had to rely largely on good people having a good day.

Spoke Phone’s guided conversations ensure that the right questions are being asked and the right information is being given so good outcomes are assured.

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Call disposition ensures promises are kept

No one enjoys writing up call notes and follow up, and this is made especially hard for mobile workers who are often on the move.

Spoke Phone captures and transcribes key notes and follow up during the actual call, so documenting important information and tasks is easy when the call ends.

Integrate to Salesforce, Dynamics, Hubspot Verint, Nice, and other systems to completely automate the customer experience journey.

Voice is key in your mobile future

Analysis of live audio streams and recorded voice files will deliver new levels of accuracy, speed and personalisation in customer experience.

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Better customer service

Automate tasks to improve customer response times and save hours for key employees.

Better compliance

Ensure customers, employees, and your business is protected and compliant at all times. 

Better outcomes

Drive consistent behavior, messaging, and processes to ensure great outcomes for all.

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