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Customer Story: Trailer Pay – Mitigating risk for sales made over mobiles

See how Spoke helped this Queensland-based company increase compliance and mitigate risk for sales made over mobile phones.

When many people think of Spoke, they often think of the mobile-first remote work environment it can create, but what about increasing compliance and mitigating risk for sales made over mobile phones? That’s exactly what Queensland-based company, Trailer Pay, are using Spoke for and their customers are reaping huge benefits from it. 

The search for a long-term solution that could fit the bill 

When the management team at Trailer Pay started their search for a new mobile-first phone system, they were weary of systems where calls came in and the current ones dropped out. 

“This was actually a big fear for us and it was the first thing I asked the Spoke team. When the answer was no I started to look into their product a lot more and was really surprised by the features we could use in our business,” says TP – a Manager at Trailer Pay. 

With a ground staff of six and an overseas-based customer service team, Trailer Pay was looking for a solution that could bring the whole business under one phone system.

At that time they were using an inbound-only type phone solution so the team couldn’t ring out with their own numbers. Plus, when customers rang back they would simply ring an individual who may not have been the right to answer their request – this is opposed to a call going to a group of staff sitting under one main business number. 

So the decision was made to get Spoke. That was over two years ago now. 

Since then Trailer Pay has been on a journey with Spoke, working closely with us to achieve the features their business needs to succeed.

“What’s stood out about Spoke is that they’ve been willing to listen to what we’ve wanted which has resulted in a long-term collaborative relationship,” says TP. 

Sales over mobile phone with minimal risk 

As Australia’s largest trailer reseller, understanding exactly what a customer wants is paramount to having their business function seamlessly. The Spoke call recording feature has allowed for exactly that, showcasing what a successful sale done over a mobile phone looks like at its best. 

“We use the call recording feature to record customer calls to make sure we don’t miss a thing. It helps us make sure we’re on top of everything we’re doing and notifying customers of the correct information. Whenever we’re unsure if a customer has been provided with the right details, then we can listen back and catch up on different details of the deal.”

Compliance is now the highest it’s ever been, risk is minimal and there is rarely a case of confusion.

“Whenever something pops up that needs to be rectified we’re always making sure we take two steps forward and one back. We check the calls to make sure the correct information was provided which means we can be transparent and update customers as needed.”

Trailer Pay was so impressed with the recording feature it’s also being used in an innovative way to train new staff in how to understand client requests.

“If a new staff member has joined us we can replay calls for them showing how different customers explain what they want and how to interpret that in line with the products we can offer.”

“It’s been perfect for onboarding people and getting them up to speed with our business as quickly as possible.”

“What’s stood out about Spoke is that they’ve been willing to listen to what we’ve wanted which has resulted in a long-term collaborative relationship”

Trailer Pay

Managing staff in multiple time zones

For businesses like Trailer Pay with staff across multiple time-zones, the ability for staff to set up working hours in their phone to show teammates when they’re available to take calls, has paid huge dividends. 

“We can see that feature is making a world of difference, not just to staff satisfaction rates but to customer responsiveness.” 

They also like that customers are able to call the exact person they need with the individual extension numbers.

“Most of the time our customers just want to speak to the same person they’re dealing with as they have the relationship already with them. Spoke makes it easier for a customer to be able to directly call someone in that way,” says TP.

A collaborative path for the future 

Overall, Trailer Pay has cited reliability as the biggest reason they’re using Spoke. 

“Reliability is one of the biggest factors we look for in a phone system and Spoke has provided it.”

“To date we have had one outage in the whole time but not caused by Spoke, it was caused by someone downstream, so reliability and taking the stress away is what we like.”

With their business built on relationships, it’s only natural that extends to how they do business with Spoke. We’re grateful that Trailer Pay has consistently provided feedback to us which has meant we can improve our products. This has had a ripple effect for all our other customers too who can reap the benefits of the new features.

“A big appreciation we have of working with Spoke is that they take feedback seriously –  my team finds it quite remarkable that you can talk directly to the team who are actually doing the product developments. You’re not just a number to Spoke,” adds TP.

If you’re after a compliance boosting mobile-first solution for your remote workforce then get in touch with Spoke today. With a host of features such as call forwarding, hunt groups and a cloud-based company directly, Spoke makes it easy for your business to scale and for workers to remain productive no matter where they are. 

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