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Customers left on hold, lost in transfer or missed calls. "We were sending calls to our counters not our team"

The new retail environment

Spoke helped a large retail network with a centralized IVR. Employees were often out on the shop floor or those at counters were busy serving customers.

They had built a great IVR in Twilio, but were struggling to control the last mile of the customer experience, suffering from missed calls when transferring customer calls to unattended branch phones and employees who were not available.

They needed a better way to empower staff who could be available to help but had to remain mobile on the shop floor.

Reducing missed calls from 40% to virtually none

After easily integrating Spokes Programmable softphone into the existing Twilio IVR, calls were redirected directly to an app on employees personal mobile phones.

Calls only go out to employees that are online and available. This means customers get connected directly to employees who have chosen to be available, rather than unattended phones or extra frustrating transfer hops.

“Reducing missed calls was our number one problem, creating better customer experiences and ultimately better business outcomes.”

Calls that get rejected or unanswered stay on the Twilio platform and are returned to the attendant, meaning the customer journey can be managed even after being transferred away.

Business phone system features, in the hands of mobile employees

Employees use their mobile phones as a fully featured company phone system, enabling them to be contactable wherever they are on the shop floor. Availability tools enable them to quickly switch offline whilst dealing with customers then come back online when ready.

“Our employees were empowered to provide better customer experiences with a fully featured voice solution: transfers, messaging, hold, conference calling and more!”

Spoke Phone, is a programmable softphone built for Twilio. With extensive business phone system features, employees can deliver great customer experiences and enrich customer intelligence data with upsell and resale opportunities.

The transformation

In the hands of employees everywhere, anytime

Reduced missed calls to less than 5%. Employees use their mobile phones as a fully featured customer phone system, enabling them to be reachable when on the shop floor and control their availability.

Phone system features

Spoke Phone is a programmable softphone for Twilio with prebuilt phone system features. Employees can easily transfer, conference call and message both internally and externally.

Quickly and easily implemented

The solution was rolled out in less than 30 days to select branches. Immediately seeing the benefits it was easy to scale up and roll out the rest of the frontline staff in the next 90 days.

Vision Accomplished Illustration

Vision accomplished!

This large retailer now has control of its missed call rates and has empowered employees to create great customer experiences.

Pie Chart

Missed Call Rate:

Less than 5%

Reduced missed calls from 40% to less than 5%.

Bar Chart

Call CSAT:

Increased to 72%

Improved customer satisfaction with call CSAT rising from 54% to 72%.

Pyramid Chart

Implementation Time:

30 Days

Implemented in 30 days. Rolled out in 90 days.


Next Step:


Grow customer intelligence with Twilio and Spoke Phone.

The Results

Now they are concentrating on enriching customer intelligence by implementing Twilio Segment to capture customer intelligence and put it right in front of employees within Spoke Phone calls to drive better customer knowledge, relationships and business outcomes.

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