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Delivering great customer experiences while operating at full strength remotely

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“Most of the other systems I looked at, put together part of an old system and part of a new system. So you still had to have headsets or a softphone on your computer. Spoke gave us both mobile and desktop.”

Informed, real time customer support is critical in structural engineering

Garmcorp prides itself on listening to their customers specific requirements and issues.

Providing a thoughtful timely solution for each customer whether on-site or back in the office is critical to their modern work environment.

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Easy to grow and scale

A modern, cost effective cloud solution

With Spoke’s cloud based system Gamcorp quickly and easily deployed Spoke across their team.

During the 2020 covid lockdown’s Spoke Phone enabled Gamcorp to transition to a fully remote working environment with no change in systems. New team members were added in just a few minutes using the Spoke administration portal.

Gamcorp did the numbers and Spoke also won on cost effectiveness for the large range of features.

Customer calls are routed to the right engineer at a convenient time. No more missed calls and frustrated customers.

As structural engineers often out on building sites, the Gamcorp team finds Spokes call forwarding, call highlights and personal availability features mean their days are more efficient and productive.

Back in the office, the Gamcorp administration team uses the call availability feature to see who is able to take calls and Spoke makes it easy to create conference calls between employees and customers.

“It just makes it so much easier for our office manager as she can forward calls on and know they will be answered.”

Call transfer to field employee

The transformation

Reliable easy to use communication tool

Gamcorp needed a new phone system to keep up with the growth of their business. Their outdated system meant important calls could be missed or get routed to the wrong person. Spoke quickly, easily and cost effectively solved this problem.

Visibility for a remote workforce

Gamcorp now has total visibility of the calls they are receiving. Employees have the ability to see who is free to take calls and also be able to use their phone to see important customer contact details remotely. Making it a seamless experience with covid restrictions.

Platform for future growth

As Gamcorp continues to grow, Spoke grows with them.

Vision Accomplished Illustration

Vision accomplished!

Gamcorp now has a mobile first solution to communicate remotely and can provide quality customer service through the use of features

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5X More Features

Access to a range of features that assists employees daily.

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Conversation Visibility:

100% of calls

Full visibility of every customer conversation on all devices.

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Unique Extensions:

100% of Employees

Each team member has their own extension number.


Mobile Privacy

80% Improvement

Mobile first solution with all the features that enabled Gamcorp to function professionally.

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