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Complete oversight on all calls and SMS from the office to the field

Field agent mobile communications

See real-time insights from customers and prospects anywhere

Green Plains Inc. is a leading bio-refining company focused on the development and utilization of fermentation, agricultural and biological technologies in the processing of annually renewable crops into sustainable value-added ingredients.

The major problem Green Plains had was no visibility of customer/farmer conversations that were happening on employees mobile phones. Spoke has been able to solve this issue with a customized solution.

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Full visibility of every customer conversation

Green Plains had little oversight of their field merchants interacting with clients on their mobile devices and 50% of all customer interaction are on mobile so this was a big gap in their data. Note taking was done by hand and hard to add into the CRM retrospectively.

Spoke has enabled full visibility over customer conversations no matter the location. As a mobile first communication tool Spoke allows employees to use their personal mobile devices but keep personal and work conversations separate.

Green Plains decided to record 100% of merchant mobile business conversations and add all unknown contacts directly into their Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“Historically we were missing the ability to capture customer data from cellphone calls. Now with Spoke, our employees are getting credit for the work they have done.”

Streamline customer conversations

Green Plains found it difficult training new field merchants to extract and present correct customer information.

Once Spoke Phone application was deployed to all merchants they then provided tailored training on the application’s features with a focus on guided forms.

Guiding merchants via conversations forms ensures they gather key information on every customer interaction to ensure good outcomes & compliance. Whilst providing, support and resources to ensure successful merchant adoption.

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The transformation


Providing a unified communications to Green Plains field merchants which was nonexistent with their legacy phone system (PBX). Providing Green Plains with a cloud communication system and storage for all of their external and internal communication requirements.


Integrated directly to Green Plains Microsoft Dynamics platform, so all contacts appear via the app, all unknown numbers can be added to their CRM, and all notes, forms, and call logs recorded into Dynamics from Spoke.

Future plans

Full PBX replacement for Green Plains wider inhouse team, unifying communication. Using Spoke Phone’s open API and power BI for deeper call analytics.

Vision Accomplished Illustration

Vision accomplished!

Green Plains now has a mobile first solution that enables totally visibility of every customer interaction no matter where.

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Customer Experience:

65% Improvement

See real-time insights from customers and prospects.

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75% Improvement

Improvements in training for employee with Spokes capabilities.

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Communications Oversight:

85% Improvement

Custom call disposition/guided conversation forms to guide calls for better outcomes on mobile.


Mobile Privacy:

100% Improvement

Mobile first solution with all the features and more.

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