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Record mobile phone calls and customer contacts for full oversight of mobile and remote agents

Spoke for Insurance

“Agents love their cell phones, so as part of our talent acquisition/retention we offer the latest “mobile-first tech” and a “work-from-anywhere” culture. However, we still need to capture calls and TXT occurring on mobile devices for compliance, auditing, and risk.”

Compliant communications in a work-from-anywhere environment

Our company focuses on great employee experiences and work-life-balance as key hiring and retention tools.

We’ve also proven that by giving employees the freedom to work where they want and tools they love to use, customer experiences and outcomes improve too.

The problem is that our business has unique processes and regulations that make out-of-the-box solutions difficult to adopt. After trialing multiple solutions we turned to Spoke on Twilio, a solution that gives us out-of-the-box mobility and compliance for agents (Spoke), along with the ability to build our unique communication process (on Twilio).

Secure business texting
Real time call context for insurance agents in the field or working remotely

Critical calls? Remote workforce? No problem.

Having a single system where all calls remain on the Twilio platform means the entire customer conversation can be recorded, even after transferring calls out to remote and mobile agents using personal mobile phones.

“Ensuring all customer calls are recorded, especially those on mobile phones, is key for our compliance and auditing, but pivotal to our plans for a better work-life balance. Employees are happy to use Spoke’s app knowing their personal phone numbers are protected and they can restrict work calls out-of-hours.”

Call logging is also automated into a home-built CRM/ERP. 100% of call and TXT activity is now captured and logged to provide an entire view of the customer journey, even when connected to agents and employees outside of the call centres. Everything is stored: who called, when, who answered, any notes the agent captured, and of course, the entire call is recorded and can be transcribed.

Fast deployment with a prebuilt softphone designed for Twilio

Using Spoke’s pre-built programmable softphone sped up time-to-market and deployment to the field. Spoke’s softphone also comes packed with phone system like features, meaning there is no need for a traditional PBX either.

Spoke Phone’s prebuilt softphone was piloted with a team of remote agents. It immediately enabled the end-to-end customer journey and traceability we were looking for. Employees have both Spoke’s mobile phone and desktop apps and can easily choose how they want to work. The automated CRM call and note logging really was the icing on the cake.

Over the next eight weeks Spoke’s mobile and desktop apps were widely rolled out to the rest of the business, with easy bulk onboarding of employees using the employee’s existing single-sign-on credentials for the company.

Man on mobile or tablet answering insurance client questions

The transformation

Built and runs on Twilio for complete control

Call recording was now possible across the entire customer conversation, even when transferred to remote and mobile agents personal phones.

In the hands of employees everywhere, anytime​

Employees use their mobile phone or desktop apps as a fully featured business phone system, enabling the business to offer remote working flexibility.

Phone system features

Spoke Phone is a programmable softphone for Twilio with prebuilt phone system features. Employees can easily transfer, conference call and message both internally and externally.

Quickly and easily implemented

The solution was rolled out in less than 10 days to select teams. Immediately seeing the benefits it was easy to scale up and roll out the rest of the teams over the next eight weeks.

Vision Accomplished Illustration

Vision accomplished!

This provider now has an end-to-end and compliant customer communication solution.

Pie Chart

Recorded Calls:

100% of Calls

All calls in the remote and mobile workforce are now recorded.

Bar Chart

Employee Satisfaction:

95% Improvement

Improved employee satisfaction using modern apps and gaining flexible working options.

Pyramid Chart

Implementation time:

30 Days

Implemented in 30 days. Rolled out in 90 days.


Next Step:


Focus on enriching customer conversations with Twilio and Spoke Phone.

The Results

This insurance provider now has an end-to-end and compliant customer communication solution. They record and log calls, chats, and TXT from any device, and have empowered employees with flexible working choices and modern technologies.

The focus is now on enriching customer conversations. To do this, the customer is implementing Twilio Segment to capture a 360 degree view of the customer’s touchpoints (e.g. recent website visits, current and previous insurance policies, conversations with other employees, etc.).

Once complete, Spoke’s programmable softphone can display that rich customer information to employees as they talk on calls, dramatically improving the conversation and the customer’s experiences and outcome.

Now they are concentrating on enriching customer intelligence by implementing Twilio Segment to capture customer intelligence and put it right in front of employees within Spoke Phone calls to drive better customer knowledge, relationships and business outcomes.

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