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Secure, informed and mobile: communication for today's healthcare environment

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Nowhere is the need to deliver a compelling client experience more critical than in disability support

Lifeful provides expert, independent support coordination and plan management services to people funded under the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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Building a foundation of privacy and security for staff and clients

Lifeful’s Executive Directors needed to ensure oversight on conversations between their staff and clients to ensure quality of client service and protect the privacy of their team members.

By deploying the Spoke Phone application onto their team’s personal mobile phones,  Lifeful staff could easily use their mobile phones for work calls whilst keeping their personal calls and contact information private and ensuring security of client information.

Creating thoughtful client experiences

The Lifeful purpose runs deep in their organization and when they assess business solutions they have their purpose front of mind…

Lifeful staff needed tools that could give them a view of relevant client information when they were remote from the office. Spoke Phone delivered on this challenge by presenting key client information before a call is answered, updating records after a call and recording all conversations relating to their NDIS clients.

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The transformation

Visibility for remote client communications

With Spoke Phone, Lifeful now has full visibility and can record every conversation, SMS and email to ensure they have clear insights into client interactions.

Client communications in the cloud

Spoke swiftly moved Lifeful from a legacy phone system (PBX) to the Spoke Phone application. Providing Lifeful with a cloud communication system and storage for all of their external and internal communication requirements.

Affordable and easily implemented

Spoke worked with Lifeful’s team to integrate existing business solutions with Spoke Phone and create a user-friendly communication solution with a strong onboarding program suitable for all ages and devices at an affordable cost.

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Vision accomplished!

Lifeful now has secure and private communication freedom across their remote 
and office teams and can provide best-in-class support to their clients anywhere 
on any device

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Customer Experience:

65% Improvement

Improved end to end customer experience, from triage to customer manager.

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75% Improvement

Key client information and context available on mobile devices.

Pyramid Chart

Communications Oversight:

85% Improvement

Complete oversight on company communications.


Mobile Privacy:

100% of Calls

Calls made and received on personal mobiles with masked personal contact information.

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