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Confidentiality, security and accuracy for mobile communications

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"What's stood out about Spoke is that they've been willing to listen to what we've wanted which has resulted in a long-term collaborative relationship"

Finding the right trailer with exceptional customer service

Trailer Pay makes purchasing the right trailer simple with a wide selection of trailers and easy financing solutions. Trailer Pay finance brokers are most often out on the road meeting new customers or checking in with old, so privacy, security and accuracy in the mobile environment is a necessity, not a nice to have.

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Spoke Call Recording

Sales over mobile phone with minimal risk for staff and customers

Trailer Pay’s challenge was that they needed to capture exact specifications for trailer builds over the phone. Spoke’s call recording and call highlight features have enabled exactly that, so no request is missed and its easy for the back-office to check dimensions by listening to the call recording.

Historic call recordings are also used to train new staff and reduce the time and cost of employee onboarding.

“If a new staff member has joined us we can replay calls for them showing how different customers explain what they want and how to interpret that in line with the products we can offer.”

Employee collaboration across multiple time zones

Spoke’s personal availability settings let everyone in the team know who is available in real time. Creating a work life balance for employees no matter where they are based.

“We can see that feature is making a world of difference, not just to staff satisfaction rates, but to customer responsiveness.”

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The transformation

Reliable communication tool for their team and customers

Trailer Pay's biggest fear was having a phone system where calls came in and the current ones dropped out. Spoke was able to assure the team this wouldn’t happen and they have had no issues.

Remote workforce collaboration

Trailer Pay have six staff members based in Queensland and an overseas-based customer service team, they were looking for a communication tool that the whole business could use.

Compliance is key

Compliance is very important for Trailer Pay and their customers, with Spoke it eliminates confusion. “Whenever something pops up that needs to be rectified we’re always making sure we take two steps forward and one back. We check the calls to make sure the correct information was provided which means we can be transparent and update customers as needed.”

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Vision accomplished!

Lifeful now has secure and private communication freedom across their remote 
and office teams and can provide best-in-class support to their clients anywhere 
on any device

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Employee Training:

80% Improvement

Improved employee training with the use of Spoke Phone’s recording features.

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80% Improvement

Full visibility of every customer conversation on all devices.

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Communications Oversight:

85% Improvement

Customers are able to call employees directly on their work number instead of a general line.



5X More Features

Mobile first business phone solution built in the cloud and with all the features of a traditional business phone system.

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