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In the competitive automotive world, a seamless customer journey from digital to dealer is crucial

“Today’s consumers are willing to buy large ticket items online, and are choosing to buy from the company with the best customer experiences and reputation.”

Nowhere is the need to deliver a compelling customer experience more critical than in the highly competitive new car sales segment

This leading luxury brand automotive group brings that “new car experience” to over 100,000 people a year across nationwide dealership and service center locations.

Customer 360 - Automotive

"When people call, they’ve done their research, they’re ready to buy. Our 40% missed call rate was unacceptable."

Buyer behavior is changing. Consumers do extensive research online, they know more about the car’s features, capabilities, and our competitor’s pricing.

Today when consumers call, they’re ready to buy. When we transferred calls from our concierge call centre to our dealerships, 40% were going unanswered. If we don’t answer, they simply move on to the “next guy”.

By deploying Spoke, missed call rates dropped to almost zero, as team members were able to answer calls anywhere, and if they cannot answer, calls are intelligently routed to other teams or dealerships instead of getting lost in unattended desk phones, voicemail, or personal mobile phones.

Empowering every employee to have great customer conversations

Building relationships and winning customer loyalty in today’s online world, is harder than ever. To win, our company needs every employee and every touch-point to be a positive part of the customer’s journey.

To do this, we brought together a single digital view of our customer’s journey across our website (what cars or parts are they looking at online), their conversations with team members, and their physical visits (dealership, service center, etc.)

Using Spoke, we were able to put this “digital view of the customer” into the hands of all employees as they talk on calls, so everyone across the entire business is empowered to have great customer conversations that drive sales and loyalty.

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The transformation

Vastly improved customer experiences

Spoke answers and routes calls to the best available team member based on the customer’s journey, engagements, and interests. Team members answer quickly from any device, reducing missed calls and improving customer experiences.

More team members enabled to sell

With Spoke, we took rich customer information usually locked inside our contact center, and got it out to all employees as they take calls. We now have 10x the number of people able to have rich customer conversations.

Future proofed platform for growth

We integrated Spoke with our legacy technologies and started small with just a few teams on Spoke. The goal is to migrate everyone to the cloud and decommission all on premise hardware and supporting services.

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Vision accomplished!

Spoke has empowered everyone to deliver a great customer experience no matter what device they use, have knowledgeable customer conversations no matter where in the business they work, and contribute equally to the success of the business.​

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Missed Calls:

95% Reduction

Missed call rates drop by ~95%, dramatically improving customer experiences and sales.​

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10x Employees

10x employees now have key customer info when on customer calls.​

Pyramid Chart


85% Improvement

Time saved a month handling calls.


Legacy Tech:

100% Reduction

Reduction of legacy on premise technologies.

Venn Diagram

Remote Capability:

100% of Employees

Every employee is now enabled with remote working capability.​

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