Sasha Viasasha

Sasha Viasasha

Connecting Spoke to Salesforce for better experiences on mobile phones

Customers are the lifeblood of any organization, but how do companies manage customer engagements across multi channels in a distributed world and still deliver a consistent experience?

Getting full value from your CRM system

A CRM like Salesforce is a powerful tool for guiding and managing the whole customer journey, but few companies are getting full value from their investment and generating the results and revenue they’d like to see. And yet, due to the complexity of customer engagement in a multichannel, always-on digital world, an effective customer relationship management system is becoming essential to drive and manage customer experiences at any scale.

Because of the growing importance and increasing complexity of customer experience, the CRM market is continuing to grow, with Salesforce leading the way, even though success rates are still too low. According to CIO somewhere around a third of all CRM projects fail, due to reasons from poor integration with existing systems, low user adoption, and lack of executive support. Another report by CSO Insights, only 40% of businesses claim at least 90% CRM adoption rate.

On the other hand, even those with organization-wide adoption rates could better utilize their CRM to optimize the sales process and improve customer experience. This was the case with Spoke customer Green Plains, who increased adoption rates by integrating Spoke with their CRM and were able to save revenue by using call recording to capture high value deals and upload to the CRM. 

Our CRM is the backbone of what we do and how we measure metrics and performance tracking.

Corey Manko, CRM Database Administrator

Cloud-based phone system integration for Salesforce

By connecting Spoke to Salesforce, users are able to benefit from all of Spoke’s features and productivity tools enriched with Salesforce data. With a UI designed for ease on mobile phones, Spoke is simple to set up and use and makes work easier. 

Integrating Spoke with Salesforce brings information, process, and automation into field-based customer meetings and mobile phone calls.  When a call comes in to any mobile phone with Spoke, Spoke dips into Salesforce data to bring up the record. From a single screen users experience a seamless workflow,  from the moment the call appears on their screen to the moment the call details are automatically logged to Salesforce. Using Spokes low code tools, you can customize this experience to meet any business need. 

Companies can streamline and customize call workflows, improve customer experience, guide calls, and collect customer information at any point.  Real-time integration with Salesforce allows data to flow both ways for a seamless experience for employees that trickles down to the customer. 

Calls are automatically logged against the customer record in Salesforce, eliminating the need for manual work. Salesforce is completely integrated with the Spoke book, allowing users to search and call Salesforce contacts from within the company phone system. Upload call highlights or call recordings to the Salesforce record, and use call notes at the end. This is Spoke’s AI voice-to-text transcription tool, which can save hours of tedious typing on small screens, or trying to remember the details later. 

Spoke’s integration with Salesforce brings all the power of your customer relationships management tools to your employees, wherever and whenever they work so they can focus on delivering amazing experiences rather than managing technology and information. 

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