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Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell

Coming soon to Spoke Phone

At Spoke Phone we are committed to delivering on what businesses need from their communication solutions. Some of our most exciting new developments will be available in Q1 2021.

Business SMS/Text

You told us that some of your customers contact your team via SMS/Text in addition to phone calls, so we are adding SMS/TXT to Spoke Phone! Your team will now have a secure second-line number for both business phone calls and business TXT, keeping all business conversations separate from personal conversations.

Single-sign-in /oAuth

With a rising tide of IT breaches, security has never been more important. Spoke Phone single-sign-in will provide enhanced security and surety around user access. Your company’s Google or Microsoft login policies and active user directory will apply to all users accessing Spoke Phone, ensuring security and making user adds/changes/deletes easy.

Spoke Phone on your desktop

You asked for it, so we’re building it!  You will soon have the ability to install Spoke Phone on your Windows or Mac computer. The desktop app will look, feel, and work exactly the same as our user-friendly and feature rich mobile app. All the same features, integrations, and power – with the added benefit of click-2-dial and other productivity boosting tools!

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about how Spoke can enable your employees to deliver a world class customer experience on mobile? Request a demo to see how Spoke can help you keep business lines open and teams connected no matter where they are.

Take a quick break with Kristina, and catch up on all Spoke Phone's key features.

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