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Sasha Viasasha

Sasha Viasasha

Cloud SMS for Business Text

Text is a preferred channel for many business users and customers. Cloud SMS can deliver the precise experiences your customers want in the channel they prefer.

A Trusted, Familiar Channel

Today, billions of people use SMS to send messages to each other and stay connected, even when they can’t talk or have face time. 

One of the most accessible and trusted communication channels, SMS allows people to respond when convenient, and have conversations when people can’t be present at the same time. Conversations are saved in threads, so they can be picked up at any point, providing continuity of experience and leaving behind a record that builds history and trust. 

Because of this, SMS is becoming a preferred channel for many business users and customers, who like to communicate in a way that is easy, conversational, and familiar—for them. Honoring the customers choice in communication preferences is becoming central to customer experience and a key factor in brand loyalty. 

The Twilio 2021 Customer Engagement study found 7 out of 10 customers have rewarded companies who communicate with them on their preferred channels, while nearly as many have punished a brand for not doing so.

The study also found that digitizing the entire customer experience is mission-critical  priority for nearly all respondents, particularly as customer engagement is increasing across all channels, and gaining insights is more important then ever. This is accelerating the transition to the cloud where companies can gain unlimited flexibility and scale and the ability to customize and personalize any experience. 

Business SMS is an important channel in the customer journey, and one that is also rapidly evolving. Cloud SMS allows companies to create the exact experiences to meet their customers unique needs. Companies can talk to customer around the world while creating highly personalized, local experiences. 

SMS can also bring better efficiency to your customer facing operations. SMS can be a much more efficient way to deliver timely information, reminders, updates, and to resolve simple matters and queries,  freeing sales and support staff to focus on the higher value work. 

Business SMS in the Cloud with Spoke Phone on Twilio

We’ve heard from many customers that texting is becoming essential to the way they work

Now you can use Spoke to send and receive business text messages from the same application where you make and take calls.  Spoke users will now have a secure second-line number on their mobile phones for both business phone calls and business TXT, keeping all business conversations separate from personal conversations and compliant with business practices. 

Spokes cloud-based SMS service provides global reach and targeted localization in over 150 countries, allowing companies to customize and personalize their messaging to have the maximum impact, anywhere and anytime. Get SMS enabled local numbers around the world and deploy them on any phone in your network. Best of all, all this activity is integrated into your back office and CRM, so you can gain business insights from these engagements. 

Business text is an important communication channel that can improve outcomes in sales, marketing and team collaboration. Cloud-based SMS allows you to customize your business SMS capabilities to your exact needs, adding numbers and users around the world with just a few clicks.  With business text integrated into your communication infrastructure, you can: 

  • Improve customer experience and make sure outcomes are documented and properly actioned 
  • Boost sales and generate revenue using SMS to engage customers where and when they are
  • Support customers in their preferences and keep the lines of communication alway open 

Applications in sales, service and customer support

Whether it’s an outside sales rep texting with a prospective customer or the fulfillment department sending out a shipping notice with a link to important details, text is a direct path to the customers attention and an effective way to cut through the noise to share timely information and resources. Texting can be the basis of strong relationships in sales and service, where customers can reach out 24-7 and know someone will be there. 

For teams who have to coordinate, SMS can help things run smoothly. Text is an effective way to send a simple but important message when you can’t speak on the phone and can’t wait for a colleague to check their email. SMS can be very effective internal channel, delivering important news and updates as well as recognizing team achievements and celebrating shared milestones. For teams who have to coordinate or work across time-zones, or in the field asynchronous channels like SMS can boost engagement and productivity.

We’re rolling business SMS out now to Spoke Phone customers in Australia, Canada, and the United States with group chat coming soon!

To learn more about how to enable business SMS on your Spoke account or trial, visit the Spoke Phone knowledge base. 

Curious how a mobile-first business phone system works? Try Spoke risk free and start using features like business text, one-touch conferencing, cloud recording, visual voicemail and more. Use as a complete solution or over the top of your existing PBX to add digital  and mobile capability. Built on Twilio, Spoke Integrates out of the box with Flex as well as back office systems like your CRM or ERP for a complete UC solution in the cloud. 

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