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Spoke’s Salesforce integration enables your team to streamline their call workflows, increase productivity, and track your customers through the whole customer journey from marketing, to sales, lead to customer.

Using Spoke’s open CTI plugin and Programmatic Messaging API for Salesforce, along with Salesforce’s Lightning Flows, you can now control every call flow and automate highly personalized communication while ensuring conversations occurring off Salesforce are also captured into your Customer 360 view.

Spoke CTI for Salesforce

Answer and make calls and send SMS from within Salesforce

Pop-contact info and open custom content as calls come in, and click-to-dial from within Salesforce.  All calls can be recorded and automatically logged into Salesforce following whatever rules you define.

Salesforce Lightning Flows

Drive custom workflows and rules in Salesforce as calls occur

Use Salesforce Lightning Flows to define highly-custom workflows, data, and rules that interact with calls occurring on the Spoke platform inside Salesforce. Build the exact experience and controls around how calls and conversations occur in your business.

Automatically send highly-personalized SMS

Programmatic Messaging API lets you send SMS from Salesforce workflows

Keep customers connected and informed every step of the way with automated and personalized SMS that appear to be sent manually from the customer’s agent or sales rep.

Capture conversations occurring outside of Salesforce

Close the gaps on your customer 360 data

Every business has a number of users who do not operate inside Salesforce. With Spoke, conversations occurring on mobile phones, desk phones, and computers are captured and added to Salesforce to ensure your Customer 360 view is complete.

Get the full picture of who is doing what

Use Salesforce call reporting to see who is making calls and for how long

Calls made in Salesforce as well as calls made from mobile phones,  desktops, and desk phones outside of Salesforce, populate Salesforce data so you can generate call reports and charts. 

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