Business phone system features

The ultimate programmable cloud phone system features for Twilio

Key phone system features for users

Internal and External Calling
Make free calls to teammates and call any number in the world.
Mobile conference calling

Conference Calling

Turn any call into a conference call & add teammates, customers, and suppliers.
Announced warm transfer
Announced (warm) Transfer
Cold and warm transfers with user presence, plus transfer to voicemail.
Send and receive SMS messages
Send/Receive SMS
Have chats with teammates and SMS with customers.
Send/Receive MMS
MMS images and files to customers

Internal Chat and File Share

Send files and photos to teammates from your mobile or computer
Set regular hours of automate via calendars and scheduling software.
Unified directory

Corporate Directory And Presence

Find teammates, see their availability, call, conference and chat
Transcribed voicemails
Transcribed Voicemail
Voicemails are transcribed and sent to email, Slack, or other channels.
mobile and desktop app
iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows Apps
Mobile-first designed apps that look and work the same on mobile and desktop.
In-call device swap
Multiple Devices, Move Calls
Move live calls from mobile, to desktop, to desk phone and back without interrupting the conversation.
Select Bluetooth
Bluetooth And Audio Management
Auto-Detection and audio route management, including in-car support.

Customer experience features

Real-Time Personalized Conversations
Real-Time Personalized Conversations
Display rich customer information and context so everyone has great calls.
Guided Conversations
Guided Conversations
Prompt employees to say and collect the right things, keeping conversations on track (and compliant).
Custom Form Builder
Capture Data On Calls
Save time and ensure customer needs are fully captured and shared.
Loop-back calls
Team Voicemail With Follow Up
Ensures missed calls to hunt groups and teams are followed up.
Face-to-face meetings
Face-to-Face Meetings
Record and guide face-to-face conversations.
CRM integrations

CRM and Cloud Integrations

Pre-built integrations to common CRMs and APIs to build your own.

Key phone system features

Multi Level IVRs

Multi-Level IVRs

Build rich IVRs and customer experiences that exactly meet your business needs.
Unified directory

Directory And Presence

Sync company directories, CRMs, and custom contact lists across all users.
Auto attendants and IVR

Call / Hunt Groups (ACD)

Send calls to people, teams, or locations with customer and conversation context/payload.
After hours
After Hours
Multiple business hours for different locations, flows, and business units.
Custom audio library
Audio Library
Create and maintain custom audio, info-messages, and content to personalize your experience.
Call recording

Call Recording

Encrypted recording of calls that occur on mobile phones, desk phones, and other devices.
Extensions, DIDs, SIP Addresses
Support for extensions, multiple DIDs and SIP Addresses for every user, team, and device.
Multiple caller IDs
Multiple Caller IDs
Individual, team, and company-wide outbound Caller IDs with automated and manual selection.
dial by extension

Dial by Extension

Allow customers to dial users, teams, and locations by extension.
Skill Based Call Routing

Call Queues

Deliver contact center like queuing and customer experiences to users on mobile phones and desktops.
Simultaneous ring

Traditional Desk Phone Support

Connect legacy phone systems to Spoke to use existing desk phones and other physical devices.
Voip or carrier calling
VoIP or Carrier Calling
Support for low-bandwidth areas and operations by dropping calls to Carrier Signal/Voice Service.

Key phone system features for administrators

Phone System Features - SSO Login Feature

SSO - Single Sign On

Single Sign-On [SSO] enables users to easily log in to Spoke Phone apps with their existing enterprise credentials.
Phone System Features - SCIM Directory Sync

Directory Sync (AD/LDAP Sync)

Automatically provision/deprovision users from your corporate directory.
Analytics and Reporting
Custom Analytics & Reporting
Report on costs, see key metrics, and identify opportunities to maximize customer experiences.
SOC 2 Compliant

SOC 2 Compliance

Spoke conforms to and is regularly audited for SOC 2 compliance.
HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliant cloud communications for modern healthcare providers.
GDPR Compliant
GDPR Compliance
Spoke conforms to GDPR standards and has local representation in each region.

Other phone system features

BYO Twilio
BYO Twilio
Deploy Spoke into your Twilio Account or Twilio Flex project.
Twilio Flex Integration

Twilio Flex Integration

Fully unified UCaaS/CCaaS with Twilio Flex and Spoke Phone

BYO carrier
BYO Carrier
Bring your own carrier call and number contracts, SIP providers, etc.
Sip trunk
Twilio SIP Trunks
Connect existing infrastructure and providers to Spoke using SIP.
Developer API
Developer API & Webhooks
Listen, send, and interact with Spoke to build the exact experience you need.

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