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Jason Kerr

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This release brings the first of many planned voice productivity features, a slew of speed and performance improvements, deeper native integration to phones, and core platform features. Read on.

Spoke Phone’s Eketahuna release brings the first of many planned voice productivity features, a slew of speed and performance improvements, deeper native integration to phones, and core platform features – such as legally compliant call recording.

Additionally, significant enhancements, feature refinements, and UI improvements make Spoke more useful, usable, and pleasurable to use.

Highlights of the Spoke Phone Eketahuna release

  • Call recording – Legally record calls in clear HD audio
  • Mobile conference calling – No Dial-In, no pin, and no downloads
  • Personal phone book – Your phone’s personal contacts now show in Spoke
  • Multiple-brands – Run multiple brands or businesses with seperate custom welcome and voicemail greetings, teams, call route rules, call roll-over, etc.
  • New nationwide integration partner – Noel Leeming
  • Verified numbers – Use any number as a Caller ID, without having to first port the number to Spoke
  • Visual call logs – Easy to understand info about calls, such as who was offered the call when, who declined, etc.
  • In-app referrals – Earn more account credit. Every employee can now easily share your company referral link from the app, saving your company money.
  • And a host of upgrades, improvements and fixes.

To see the complete list (and what is coming next), visit the Spoke Phone release notes, features, improvements, and fixes list.

Eketahuna, New Zealand. POP: 441

Highlights of the Spoke Phone Eketahuna release

Call recording has always been interesting to companies for a myriad of reasons, Quality and Training purposes being the most commonly stated requirement. However more and more often, compliance is playing a part in every day business, and the need to record calls for compliance is on the rise. For example, finance, legal, and healthcare are industries where compliance is key.

The problem with today’s call recording is that it [call recording] is largely reactive – In other words it’s a CYA approach to compliance or quality. No one really listens to all those audio files, rather, they are dragged out [the recorded audio files] when there is a problem.

With the surge in AI (Artificial Intelligence), processing recorded calls through an AI engine is promising to make call recording infinitely more useful. AI can turn old school call recording from being a reactive CYA process, into a proactive and truly useful business tool.

For instance you could process calls through an AI engine that looked for customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Or process sales calls for buying signals, or perhaps support calls to identify potential customer churn before it happens.

This initial release of call recording allows Spoke customers easy and legal call recording in clear HD audio. The legalities around recording calls differs from country to country, and indeed state to state. Regardless of the rules governing the recording of calls, Spoke provides customers with optionality and flexibility to accomodate them all [the rules].

Customers can choose from Spoke’s pre-defined announcements and recording compliance statements. These are messages that are required to be played to parties on calls that are being recorded. Customers can also record their own custom statements or even turn them off [the compliance statements] if their country/state rules allow.

Spoke’s call recording release today is just the first step in Spoke’s plans for call recording. In future releases more granularity around what [calls] are recorded will be added, but most exciting is the AI processing of recorded calls. In early 2019, Spoke will be releasing a series of AI voice productivity features that take call recording to the next level. Stay tuned for more.

Spoke Account Portal settings
Account Portal Settings

Mobile conference calls with no dial-in, pin, or downloads

Have you ever tried to join a conference call while driving, or how about sitting in an airport with just your mobile phone?

I don’t know about you, but I cannot remember a one-off phone number and a 10 digit PIN sent to me in a calendar invite. I have to keep flipping back to email to look at the numbers again while trying to enter them on my keypad.

If you’ve always got access to a computer or are always sitting at your desk, chances are you’ve got conference calling pretty sorted already – but for mobile people, conference calling is still a pain.

Spoke brings super easy conference calling to your mobile phone. Spoke customers can now cancel their stand-alone and expensive conference call provider, and simply use the native mobile conference calling built right into Spoke Phone.

We launched Spoke Conference Calling to solve these conference call problems that our team faced every day:

  • I want to join a conference call without having to dial-in, enter a pin, or do any downloads
  • I want to be able to join or start a conference call on my mobile phone, as easy as answering or making a call
  • If I drop, I want to be able to easily get back in from my mobile
  • If I start the conference and need to leave, I just want to hangup and have the others continue
  • If it’s my conference, I want others to be able to start it in case I’m late
  • I want my conference calls to start on time, every time

So that’s what we did. Maybe you have these problems too?

Spoke Conference Calling video

Personal phone book integration that protects personal contact information and privacy

One of the most requested features from customers has been to see and use their personal contacts inside the Spoke app. Spoke now has native integration with the personal phone book (contacts) on your phone. 

While this does not sound hard, making it PII and GDPR compliant is.

Spoke users can now access and call personal contacts from inside the Spoke app. When users call a personal contact from the Spoke app, the call is placed using Spoke and the person being called see’s the company Caller ID calling them, and not the user’s personal mobile phone number.

Spoke users now also see the name of who is calling them if that person is a contact on their phone. Call history and other information in the Spoke app now shows the person’s name rather than just a number.

For those people with thousands of personal contacts, Spoke have introduced a brand new “large-list” function that makes quickly scrolling thousands of contacts to find the one you want, fast and easy.

Finally and most importantly, to ensure privacy and access to data is protected, Spoke do not store or transmit any personal contact information off the phone.  Rather, personal contacts are loaded into memory on the phone in real-time, so the personal contact information never leaves the phone at all.

Spoke's new personal phone book
Personal address book

New custom greetings for companies that run multiple brands

A while back Spoke released a lot of features for smaller business owners that have one or two sub-brands or other businesses they run alongside their main company.  For instance a construction company may also have a landscape gardening business and a lumber supply company.

Larger companies could always setup Spoke with multiple voice menus and sophisticated calling groups, but smaller companies don’t need all that complexity.

The first set of multi-company features we released for smaller companies were based around Call Groups – the ability to have one or more groups that operate in different ways when people call in.

For instance you could set up a Call Group as “Bob’s Lumber” that has a different phone number. Calls to that number would bypass the main company reception and greeting, and go directly to the people in the Call Group. You can have different people in the group who are responsible for answering calls to that group. You can even set different call offer rules (who gets rung first, etc.), and different rules about what happens when no one in that group answers. 

When calls came in for that group, users could see what brand or company was being called, and answer accordingly. What was missing, was the ability to play a custom greeting (that differed from the main company greeting).

In this latest release Call Groups have  been expanded to have their own custom greeting and voicemail messages. Now when customers call in, they can be greeted with custom messages that are relevant to the sub company/brand they are calling

Custom Call Group Greetings
Set Group DID

Spoke partner with Noel Leeming Tech Solutions to help Kiwi companies optimise their investment in Spoke.

While Spoke is super easy, our larger customers and those in harsh or remote environments can benefit from having a professionally implemented Wi-Fi network.

Noel Leeming technical specialists will visit your office and get your Wi-Fi network working optimally for Spoke, which will also improve every aspect of your internet connectivity.

Noel Leeming Tech Solutions for Business have been delivering IT solutions to Kiwi businesses for over 20 years. As a division of the Noel Leeming Group, they have the national reach and robust network infrastructure to deliver a seamless technology experience for you and your staff.

Noel Leeming Tech Solutions logo

Spreading the word...

More and more often new Spoke customers come from existing customer referrals. It’s something we at Spoke are very proud of, and will strive to keep increasing by continually surpassing our customer’s expectations.

Spoke customers can now easily refer their friends and business acquaintances at any time, right from within the Spoke App.  All is takes is a single tap. 

Referring Spoke is easy

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