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Sasha Viasasha

Sasha Viasasha

Business Continuity in Practice

Today, businesses across the globe are thinking about how to build a more resilient business model in order to withstand any event or potential disruption.

Resilience is a key feature of business continuity in practice, allowing organizations to be more nimble and agile, as conditions change. 

As part of this evolution, the digital workplace is replacing the office as the business command center, with soft infrastructure that can easily adapt and evolve as the world changes.People are at the core of the digital workplace, and the key to greater organizational resilience and business continuity.

“The future of BCM will be marked by the shift from an operational silo mindset to an organizational resilience mindset and the taking of a more strategic role in the business”

Gartner, 2020 Strategic Road Map for Business Continuity Management

Resilient organizations have the following characteristics that help them thrive when encountering disruptive events:

  • The ability to rebound and resume decision-making quickly
  • A process to manage and mitigate risk on a continuous basis
  • An adaptive and flexible infrastructure that is distributed but connected
  • A communicative, collaborative, and innovative culture
  • A diverse, empowered and engaged workforce

The H2H Equation

Resilient organizations have a people-centric culture as one of their top values. These organizations prioritize the needs of their employees and customers, and this focus fosters innovation, creating a problem-solving culture that is productive and engaged, no matter what happens. This requires a new kind of organizational design and intent, built around the needs of employees and customers. It reduces complexity and delivers powerful but simple solutions to empower people, wherever they are.

From location-based to productivity everywhere in the cloud

From the perspective of the employee, business continuity means having seamless and fully-enabled access to their workspace regardless of how, where or when they access it.  Cloud-based business tools can create a unified experience for employees and make their workflows smoother and more connected, empowering them to perform better. 

Empowered employees are happier, more productive, and they ultimately deliver better results. They have the tools they need to do their work with a minimum of difficulty. They are solving business problems and not overburdened with administrative work or technical issues. 

Technology is a key enabler of people experience and talent utilization, increasing productivity and improving customer and business outcomes. 

Today, people are at the center of the workplace experience. Simple design, powerful features and mobile-first business tools can empower your workers to be effective and engaged, no matter where they are

Mobilize and engage

A cloud-based business phone system can provide all the administrative functions of an office-based system, delivering desk-top experiences, key business data and processes over mobile phones. In addition, these systems can provide productivity features and tools purpose-built for mobile phones. These tools deliver real value for employees and help them eliminate the low-value and inefficient tasks that cause frustration and operational friction. 

An intuitive interface, easy-to-use tools, and mobile-first design enhance and empower the workspace experience, freeing employees from the repetitive and menial tasks that can negatively impact productivity and morale, leading to disengagement.

Free from the limitations of time-and-place bound organizational design, employees can work when and where they are while remaining connected and linked to vital business systems and applications. This workplace flexibility drives engagement and productivity and supports business continuity under any circumstances. 

Learn more about how secure enterprise mobility drives resilience, customer experience and productivity under any circumstances. 

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